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Tragic accident in La. last night(5 posts)

Tragic accident in La. last nightMVN
Jun 12, 2002 11:34 AM
This happened last night in Baton Rouge last night. I found out about it through an e-mail from my bike club. Let's keep them all in our prayers.
Below is Will's account of the events of yesterday and last night. The outpouring of support and sense of community from the local riding/ tri/ athletic community at the hospital last night was very impressive - but not surprising. This is a good bunch of folks, and we all feel these tragedies as though they were our own brothers. Will - I think I forgot to tell you last night that Gerald also has a (stable) fracture of his neck (C7 - transverse process), and possibly some contusion to the lungs. His brain injury was a subarachnoid hemorrhage, but not severe enough to need immediate surgery. Last night, he could tell me his name, but not much else. He was able to move everything in response to requests. The SICU nurses this morning say that he's waking up significantly today. He has several tests scheduled today. I don't know if he'll need surgery eventually. They were still having trouble getting in touch with his family.

I'll see you at the ride tomorrow. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and all their families and friends.

James R.

From: "william cheramie"
Subject: Training race incident

During the training race,heading out in that first curve just past Gardere,
a truck was driving fast and had cut the corners of the road. The driver
looked away from the road as he crossed the centerline and hit there riders:

David Glenn in the shoulder with the side mirror (he stayed up and has a
bruised shoulder), the mirror came off.

Tim Cappo was struck by the Driver's side corner of the truck (ford F350) he
had a large laceration on his left leg and some facial injuries. Tim was
thrown into the air over most of the pack and landed in the grass. He
seemed to have been stable when he left for the hospital, but there were
several fractures of the hip, and the bleeding from his leg could not be
controlled, there was talk of amputating the leg, but once the results of
the CAT scan came back, they revealed severe cranial injuries. Brain damage
was evident, and Tim had coded once before. @ 10:15 he waqs taken off life
support and passed away, only to have his heart begin to beat on it's own
though sporatic until 11:09 when it stopped again and he was declared dead.
Tim's bike shattered and sent Carbon fiber everywhere, which caused most of
the other minor injuries.

Steve Seiden was behind Tim, and was struck by the grill of the truck head
on and died instantly. It was a very graphic head injury.

David Alexander was next in line, and went off in the grass, he hit his head
on the road and was very confused for a while. He ended up with a
concussion and some cuts and bruises from fragments of Tim's bike. He is
ok, and was released from the hospital around 9:30.

Gerald Simon, went down on the road and hit his face, he has a broken
Patella and some cranial swelling, he is still in ICU. He is probably in
the worst shape of those who survived.

John Sanford seemed to be a bit dazed when they took him to the hospital,
and he later passed out in the E.R. I am not sure what the results were of
his CAT scan.

Josh Ashford fractured a bone in his wrist and had a few cuts from the

Brett (red Stick Guy), had a sprained ankle I believe.

That was the extent of the injuries. Everyone who was not at the training
race ended up at Our Lady of The Lake for support as was Tim's Family and
his church congregation and pastor. Aaron, (Tim's brother) just happened to
be in town and at the training race.

Trooper J. Bell, was the officer on scene and said the driver was alone and
tested negative for alcohol. He was booked and if facing two c
re: continuedMVN
Jun 12, 2002 11:36 AM
Trooper J. Bell, was the officer on scene and said the driver was alone and
tested negative for alcohol. He was booked and if facing two cases of
vehicular manslaughter and 7 counts of wreckless endangerment. They are
pretty much going to nail him.

Kenny Dunaway and Caroline Owen are planning on having the media out at the
training race Thursday to raise awareness. The plan is to have everyone do
the ride together at an easy pace. There will be a state police escort.

The A & B groups were together, at the time and there was a group of
triathletes that came by from the back side of the loopafter all of this

It was a pretty horrific incident. At the hospital, some were handeling
the situation a bit better than others, but Aaron and his parents were
pretty calm; having their church there was a tremendous benefit for them.
After Tim passed, his pastor said a few words to everyone and had a prayer
and sung a hymn. there were probably 80 people there, 30 of which were

That is what I know so far. James Runnels an ER physician and Triathlete
was there giving updates to pass pass on which kept the anxiety down.

The Training Ride Thursday will begin @ 5:30 PM from Farr Horse Park on
River road, your attendance in this memorial ride would be appreciated.

it's hard not to be angryDougSloan
Jun 12, 2002 12:17 PM
Things like this are so troubling. Almost makes me want to get a computrainer and stay in the garage. It's just such a senseless loss.

Incredibly sad, but makes me want to ride morelaffeaux
Jun 12, 2002 1:09 PM
The story is horific, and I'm incredibly sad for the victims and their families. However instead of this making me want to avoid the roads, it makes me want to bike more and stop using my car as much. Maybe if there were more of us on the road biking, there would be fewer cars and greater awareness of bikers and safety.
This was passed ongrandemamou
Jun 12, 2002 11:50 AM
to Jolly Rogers Cycling. I won't be able to attend but please send condolences to the families and let them know they will be in my prayers.