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Mavic MA2(7 posts)

Mavic MA2warriorcharge
Jun 12, 2002 11:33 AM
have seen a set of mavic MA2 on tiagra hubs very cheap($119)for pair, does anybody know if they are simalar to MA3s,and if they are any good,
re: not the lightestdzrider
Jun 12, 2002 11:53 AM
480 grams if memory serves, of indestructible rim. Wife and I started using these around 1990 and have only replaced them to get lighter or prettier wheels.
That's a pretty stout rim...Gregory Taylor
Jun 12, 2002 12:54 PM
Fine for touring or commuting. Heavy, but well made. The MA3 replaced the MA2 about a year or so ago.
they are not terrible, but....sprockets2
Jun 12, 2002 1:10 PM
they are not the best that Mavic makes. More to the point, you could piece together a wheel that is better for about the same cash. Nashbar has some rims on special, and you could pick up some hubs somewhere on special and voila, NICE wheels for not too much $.

For example I have some105 hubs I got for about $40/pair, I am going to get some CXP33 from Nashbar ($60/pair) and make a nice set of wheels for my wife for pretty cheap.

OTOH, I ran MA2 for years-I think it is the OLD model of the pair you reference-with no problems, and beat the hell out of them too. Still, it would be nice to have better rims if you can put it together.
a coupla points ....(if you want the truth)Spirito
Jun 12, 2002 4:04 PM
the ma3 is not a follow on from the ma2. different rim style and design although looks similar. the ma3 is a good rim but not as good as the ma2 - not even close.

an ma2 is lighter than a cxp33 and will last longer in my experience.

the actual weight penalty in using a ma2 over say a open pro is actually between 20 - 40 grams per wheel. nothing i have seen in my experience with open pro's would have me beleive that the open pro (or even the cxp33) is a better or more stronger design. issues about rim profile and aero advantage i dont buy either unless your really movin all the time.

the wheels you saw will be fine and a fair saving per function as opposed to "newer" rims on the same hubs. in fact i would argue they are better and look nicer too. the tiagra hubs are OK but La Biccicletta has 32 hole ma2's in stock for $25 each if you plan on spending a little more on the hubs and getting a more cosnistent build up but there is nothing really that bad about the tiagra hubs. ma2's are great value when compared to the current mavic product which aren't as good as all their "buzzwords" sound and has nowhere near the longevity.

but then what do i know as i dont spend thousands just to go the same speed like some.......
The MA2 is one of those "classic" products....Gregory Taylor
Jun 13, 2002 5:43 AM
...that you wonder why the manufacturer ever stops making. In terms of "bang for the buck", they are hard to beat. Cheap, wear like iron, and are very nicely made. I've had nothing but good luck with the MA2s that I have run.

While I guess that Mavic intended the MA3 to replace the MA2 in the lineup (MA2 disappeared once the MA3 debuted), I agree with Spirito that the MA3 is not really a "follow on" to the MA2 as it is indeed a very different critter. The rim cross-section and eyeletting are completely different. Both build up easily, keep their true, and appear to be very strong. I haven't killed a MA3 yet, so I can't say which one is "better". Appearance-wise, the MA2's have a more classic polished finish which eschews the whole "pro racer" look that infects a lot of Mavic's newer products. As a recognized lover of beauty and the classical form (in cycling and in other areas of life), Spirito's appreciation of the MA2 is not hard to fathom...
you mean IF HE WANTS YOUR OPINION...sprockets2
Jun 13, 2002 6:51 AM
As I noted, the MA2 was not a bad rim in its day, but to say that it is better than Opens or CXP33 is nostalgic masturbation. I doubt that you can find any serious racers even training on MA2 anymore. Time marches on. It is a good rim for low cost wheels, but that is it. I love mine too, but I don't use them much any more because the new wheels are better.