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New Ride and a question(7 posts)

New Ride and a questionhikerryank
Jun 12, 2002 7:06 AM
Had to share this with people who would understand and not just have to pick their jaws up off the floor when they found out how much I spent. I picked up my new Trek 5500 last night and took it for a 15 mile test ride. It rode really well and felt much better than my Fuji Team. I changed over the gruppo from the Fuji which came with Ultegra. I threw on Rolf Sestriars (spelling???) along with a prolink saddle and a easton carbon bar and post. I'll post a pic as soon as I upgrade the gruppo when the 03 stuff comes out or if I get ambitious and take the office's digital camera home with me.
So here is the question. The bars kept slipping in the stem. It is a Kore stem from my Fuji but it is the right size for the bar. I was planning on getting a new stem as soon as the next paycheck comes in (any thoughts? I was thinking Deda, Easton or TTT) but what can I do until I order it? I got it pretty tight last night on the ride with my minitool, but I was worried about crushing the carbon. Anyone else have experience with this on their easton bar?
re: about the stem / steer tube situationsievers11
Jun 12, 2002 7:38 AM
Some may not agree with me, but this works for me.

-put a nice dollap of grease on the bolts, leave sloppy.
-put a nice dollap of grease on the stearing tube and the inside of the stem. Then wipe the excess off completely so only the very slightest film of residue is left behind. (this is key for me, because i have found too much grease and I can't get the stem tight, no grease and there is a danger of hurting the carbon steer tube.)
-put eveything together and slowly tighten the stem on, alternating the two bolts to insure even pressure on the steer tube.
-remember you have to get it tight or your bike is obviously not safe to ride. I would be confident in saying keep alternating in baby steps as you tighten until the stem does not slip. You should be able to put you front tire between your legs and put pressure on the bars and never have the stem loosen.

I would also ditch the mini tool as they all suck for use in your home shop. They are for emergencies not spinning wrenches. Get a triple 4/5/6 and a set of metric allens.

I have a ritchey wcs stem I really like.
shouldn't grease carbon...C-40
Jun 12, 2002 9:33 AM
Most manufacturer's don't recommend greasing carbon fiber components. I've never put any grease on a carbon steerer or bars. Greasing or oiling the bolts is fine.

The poster's problems is with the bars slipping in the stem. Grease will only make that problem worse. With a 2-bolt (M5 bolts) open face stem, it's unlikely that you could ever apply enough pressure to hurt carbon bars. The greater risk is breaking the bolts by tightening too much. 5-6 ft-lbs. is the recommended torque.

I use easton carbon bars and occsaionally experienced bar slippage with 2-bolt stems (ITM Millenium) unless the bolts were tightened to the max. A Ritchey WCS or other 4-bolt model will solve the bar slippage problem.

You should never experience a problem with the stem slipping on the steering tube. The bolts can be torqued to less than specified and still hold fine.
Sweet ride, congratulationshrs
Jun 12, 2002 7:48 AM
I test road a 5200 a few weeks ago...very nice! Enjoy!

I have the Easton bars. They spun on me the first time I road them. The stem wasn't tightened down...bolts were pretty loose. I cranked them down and it was pretty good, just some slight movement if I was leaning on them over a big bump/pothole/etc. Are you using the Easton "friction paper?" I got it and put it on and tightened the bolts on the stem down pretty hard, have had no problems since then and the roads I ride are pretty bad (Massachusetts).

I'm using a Cinelli Frog stem.

I did notice after buying them that several reviews here mentioned this being a problem, but I'm really happy with how they feel, both in the variety and fit of the hand positions, as well as the way they soak up the rough roads...I'll probably go with them for my next bike.
Cinelli FrogMisJG
Jun 12, 2002 9:25 AM
How do you like your Frog stem? I just got mine and haven't had time to install it yet.
Cinelli Froghrs
Jun 12, 2002 9:48 AM
I love it. It looks good, fits the bike well (style-wise, I like the smooth lines), holds the bars in place (finally), and the bolts are fairly large and well placed so it's easy to adjust the bar. In fact, because of how the bolts are almost on top you can easily adjust the bars to get the position just right while sitting on the bike.
Cinelli FrogMisJG
Jun 12, 2002 10:15 AM
Excellent! Just what I wanted to hear! I can't wait to install mine! Thanks!