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bicycling conspiracy against people with big feet(8 posts)

bicycling conspiracy against people with big feetTPC
Jun 11, 2002 11:21 PM
i'm not sure why everything bike related seems to cater to people with small feet--i had one hell of a time finding size 47 shoes that were designed right (yeah, those sidi's that everyone raves about might be great for smaller sizes, but at size 47 they suck--the dimensions are all screwed up)

anyway, i never thought i had big feet, and i still don't think so, but in the world of cycling apparently i do.

so my current problem is the socks..."size 10-13" socks are way way too short for even size 12 feet, but there don't seem to be any manufacturers that make XL socks--why not?? It must be a conspiracy by those darn europeans and their tiny feet...those tiny peloton riders with their tiny bike frames.

But I jest--my first attempt at tongue-in-cheek humor.
Seriously, though, anyone know of a sock brand that's got more room for size 47 feet? Thanks in advance.
re: bicycling conspiracy against people with big feetgs6769
Jun 12, 2002 3:23 AM
Point taken. I wear 47 as well, though I really like the Sidi G3. One issue I had with them was that the toe area was darn near perfect but the arches were loose as a goose even with the strap clicked all he way down. I put in some arch supports to take up a bit of room and all was well. Have you looked at Diadora shoes? They might have some to fit 'freaks' like us.
Sock wise, I've got some Adidas Equipment poly/cottons that fit pretty well. Agreed though that that 10-13 thing is a load of crap.
re: bicycling conspiracy against people with big feetDaveG
Jun 12, 2002 3:32 AM
DeFeet, Cannondale and Pearl Izumi all makes socks in XL. The DeFeets are particulary good IMO. Fit my size 48 boats justs fine. Shoes are a bit tougher to fudeg as everyone is a bot different. I find Diadora shoes fit me well but my foot is somewhat narrow
not just feetfiltersweep
Jun 12, 2002 4:16 AM
All cycling clothes sizes are messed up- there really is no standard. I'll wear jerseys that are anywhere from a relaxed US Large, to a Euro XXXL sportcut. Some bibs are sized more by waist- others by height? If they fit well in the waist the straps might be much too short. Or they fit great everywhere, but the leg elastic is way too tight. Aside from my personal aversion to skin suits, can you imagine? They appear to be sized for someone with like a 30" waist and a 30" chest... OK- that is MY attempt at humor.

If it is any consolation, SIDIs sizings are messed up across the board. Owning a pair, I think they are overrated. I fell for the "gee-whiz factor" and purchased Energy's. Half of the "user-replaceable" parts have fallen off- like the heel caps, the aluminum tensioners... I wanted them because I have an aversion to velcro since it really can tear up other clothing.
What others said about defeet...madstork
Jun 12, 2002 4:47 AM
... when my lbs has any Defeet XLs in stock, I pick them up. Which is rarely!!! They go out the door quickly - hint, hint to lbs and Defeet! Make/ship/stock more XL socks!!! Apparently, people are buying them! I have LIN socks also, in XL. Another good sock, but does the lbs get in more than 3 pairs of XL per shipment? NO! Do the catalog/internet sellers have XL socks? Yes!

I have Sidi G3 in size 47. Out of the box, I agree, they were not great. So I tried a Dr. Scholl's sport insole, which I had used previously in my Diadora mtb shoes, also size 47. This gave me more arch support and the heel cup stabilized my foot. Before the insole swap, the Sidi's felt loose around the instep. Afterward, they felt great. A cheap solution ($11-13 at Wal Mart). The insoles are blue with a red heel pad.

Good luck on the socks. Tell your lbs to get Defeet in XL, or you're heading to a catalog supplier!
Couple of suggestions from a Size 50+Silverback
Jun 12, 2002 7:49 AM
I've been bitching about that for 30 years--I rode in running shoes until I was 45 years old, because NOBODY made bike shoes bigger than a skimpy 12 (about 47, depending). At least socks are stretchy, so you can jam your feet into little ones of that's all you can get.
REI carries Smartwool socks in XL, which fit my 15/50 feet fine. Sometimes they have "cycling" low-cuts and sometimes they're "running" socks, but there's barely a difference. Rivendell has them, too, but they're something like $12 a pair, so I only order them to help Grant out if I have some room left before I hit the next level on the shipping costs. SOMETIMES has big socks in stock, but it's spotty.
If you check the Nashbar and Performance print catalogs regularly, you'll sometimes see XLs, sometimes not. New Nashbar catalog has one brand spoze to go to 14, on page 22. And Diadora makes some low- to midrange bike shoes, in the $70 range, up to size 50, which also fit me.
Big & Narrow...Andy M-S
Jun 12, 2002 9:38 AM
I wear 48 Euro (13 US or 14 Nike) and I haven't had much a problem with socks. OTOH, I have narrow feet, so maybe that's where the fabric is coming from.

Geez, it's nice to find a sport where I can buy shoes that fit!

A couple of weeks ago, Specialized blew out some of their MTB shoes for larger sizes--I paid $9+shipping for a decent pair of commuting shoes...
There's hope...coonass
Jun 12, 2002 5:02 PM
(Smartwool Cycling Sox, size XL: $5.)