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Simoni blames caramelised sweets for cocaine(12 posts)

Simoni blames caramelised sweets for cocainecyclopathic
Jun 11, 2002 8:45 PM

Gilberto Simoni, who recently tested 'non-negative' for cocaine on two occasions, now believes that the source of the drug was a South American sweet made of honey with traces of cocaine in it, given to him by his aunt Giacinta just before the Giro del Trentino. Simoni explained this to Bruno Giardina, the investigating magistrate in Trento at his hearing last Saturday. However, prosecutor Giardina wants more information about the product, and how much it costs.

I'll bet he also drinks original Coca-Cola ;)

seriously, how many foods can be mistaken for dope? Or what's like honey collected in coke growing area will show up on tests?
The poppyseed buns defense - nmfiltersweep
Jun 11, 2002 9:06 PM
I eat handfuls of poppyseeds every day, I swear.collinsc
Jun 11, 2002 9:40 PM
My grandma gives em to me
ROTFLMAO... nmspyderman
Jun 11, 2002 10:07 PM
Up my nose!Juanmoretime
Jun 12, 2002 1:39 AM
I hate that candy, it gives me a post nasal drip when I put it up my nose!
The poppyseed buns defense - nmDoc
Jun 12, 2002 4:05 AM
That only works for narcotics
i'll be right back - - -liv2padl
Jun 12, 2002 2:26 AM
i'm making caramel on the stove and i don't want it to burn. :-\
Right after he did a couple of lines nmDaveL
Jun 12, 2002 2:41 AM
Right after he did a couple of lines nmsteve-z
Jun 12, 2002 6:42 AM
This is the second time that he has woven something about a 'nice old lady' into his defense. I can't find the text right now, but in an article on the C'dale site, he claimed he went to visit his sick granny right after the infamous dentists appointment.

Mama mia!
maybe he just likes to snort it, whats wrong with thatishmael
Jun 12, 2002 6:49 AM
I know it is against the rules to do cocaine because you have to be clean as soap to compete but since cocaine doesnt seem to be a possible performace enhancer I feel sorry for him. He's an idiot for getting in this situation if he was just using for fun but if thats the case he wasnt intending to cheat and the rules have been detrimental to the sport. I wish he would just say he did a couple of lines and be done with it. Ive asked this before and still havent gotten a satisfactory answer- is it posssible that cocaine could be used to enhance performance or be used as a masking agent? Maybe he's addicted.
maybe he just likes to snort it, whats wrong with thatyeah right
Jun 12, 2002 6:58 AM
wow, all i can say is wow. yeah, what is wrong with that? where to start...
Good grief! The dentist did it! No, the auntie did it! nmrideslikeagirl
Jun 12, 2002 7:01 AM