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LeMond Frame Size(3 posts)

LeMond Frame SizeBorg
Jun 11, 2002 2:16 PM
Are the frame sizes that are listed for LeMond bikes actually taller than other bikes .... because of the way they are measured? For example, does a 58 cm LeMond equate to a 60 cm Fuji? I recently read something about frame sizes for LeMond's being taller, but can't remember the specifics.
measured center to center...C-40
Jun 11, 2002 3:29 PM
Lemond frames are measure center to center (c-c) rather than center to top (c-t). This makes them about 1.5cm taller than other brands of the same advertised size.

Bottom bracket height will also affect the standover height, if that's what you're comparing.

Also pay attention to the seat tube angle of Lemond frames. Some of the larger sizes have less seat tube angle, which effectively shortens the top tube (1.3cm per degree in this size). The current Lemond geometry charts list only odd sizes.

The current Fuji geometry chart for the Team frame also lists a seat tube length (c-c) which is 3cm less than the advertised frame size, which is actually the (extended)seat tube length. The c-c seat tube length should be compared to the Lemond frame size.
Jun 11, 2002 6:33 PM
The Lemond in the 57 and 59 sizes both have the the same 72.5 degree seat tube angle as the Fuji in a 58 (c-c). The 58 (c-c) Fuji has the same top tube length as the 59 Lemond (both 59cm).

Both brands have detailed geometry charts on their web sites.