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Flying with a bike post 9/11(7 posts)

Flying with a bike post 9/11ms
Jun 11, 2002 6:31 AM
This summer I plan on flying with my bike from the East Coast to California and from the East Coast to Switzerland. The bike will be in a hard case. Also, I am taking lights and a battery on the California trip. I have not taken a bike on a plane since 9/11. Has anyone had problems with baggage clerks or airline security when traveling with a bike? Any suggestions for clearing security with a minimum of hassles?
I flew a few months ago...biknben
Jun 11, 2002 7:15 AM
I shipped bike out via fed-ex and flew back with it on plane. I had no trouble other than the bike charge.

The lights on the other hand may be different. I went to Moab and chose not to bring my lights with me because of a possible flight situation.

Look at your light from the perspective of an airline security worker. What they see is a bunch of wires connecting a button to a battery. To them, it may look like a bomb.

They made me check a set of allen wrenches I had in my carry on. I don't know what they would have done if I brought the light. I wouldn't have been comfortable checking $500 worth of lights. (I have NR HIDs)

If you have to bring the lights on the trip call ahead and see what they say. Maybe have someone there that can take them home if security say, "That thing isn't going on THIS plane!" Another option may be to mail/ship the batteries ahead of time rather than bring them with you. My hotel didn't mind receiving a bike two days before I checked in.
did it in Apriljtolleson
Jun 11, 2002 7:40 AM
And had zero problems. I didn't have lights, and don't have a sense for that.
just check in all metal pieces...DASS
Jun 11, 2002 9:51 AM
I recently traveled with eggbeater pedals and a pedal wrench in my carry-on. Security did NOT like them. Just make sure put all wrenches, pedals, lights, etc in your check-in luggage. Don't carry on anything metal or unusual looking.
$100 more just cause it's a bikejose_Tex_mex
Jun 11, 2002 11:16 AM
I was flying American and Continental both who wanted to charge me up to $100 for my bike case. Even though my case is smaller than their required max size and weighs less than their max weight, just because it's a bike I get charged more.
While cycling Ireland I flew Aer Lingus who didn't charge me a dime (or Euro) and gave much better service.
Are there any other Airlines out there that don't charge?
Jun 11, 2002 3:32 PM
I haven't found one. Yes, it is crap. And for those who used to lie about the content of their bike cases (I've had more than one rider say that they report it as "trade show supplies" at check-in)... this is not a good time to lie about the content of one's luggage.

The Bikes Fly Free program through LAB will save some dough, but it is offset by the fact that you have to book through their agent, who charges a fee.
Thanks for the replies-nmms
Jun 11, 2002 2:08 PM