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Adjusting for a thinner shoe(2 posts)

Adjusting for a thinner shoeGMS
Jun 10, 2002 6:02 PM
Does anyone have experience in what adjustment or adjustments are necessary to accommodate a switch to a shoe with a thinner sole? I just switched shoes, and I like the ride, but I do not feel like I have as much power on the downstroke, and I have a hunch that I'm more forward on the seat than I was previously (seems less comfortable, but it's only been one ride).

I imagine that my legs are effectively shorter, so the seat should either move forward or down, but I'm not sure which (maybe both), and I am hesitant to mess around with things because I like the overall ride.

Would it make more sense to move the cleats forward or back on the shoe than to change the seat at all?

Seat down & back,TJeanloz
Jun 11, 2002 9:55 AM
You should drop your seat down, and theoretically, back. However keep in mind that you're only going to be dropping your seat ~2-3mm, and the corresponding fore/aft movement will be much smaller- like .5mm, so it might not be worth monkeying with.