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Jun 10, 2002 5:27 PM
I am COMODE bound! I have only been out of diapers for 12 years but I am already using the potty chair.

In just two months, I have had countless potty spots on the potty chair.

It is highly unusual that a junior such as I can be ready to flush his own handle at such an early age. I can flush it with both hands but soon will be doing the left hand, behind the back, not looking flush!

I have used only the toughest toiletpaper. My "JOHN WAYNE TOILET PAPER" It is rough, tough and takes no crap off no one! I am such a strong wiper that I once put my finger right through my John Wayne TP...all the way to the third nuckle! My coach was so impressed!

There is no doubt that I will be crapping into the sewer with a direct line in no time! I will actually have a direct link to the city sewer system. I am sure no one else can do that!

I can flush so fast that the Tydee Bowl man does not have a chance. Think about it! The Tydee Bowl man has been working in the COMODE for decades and I can whoop the crap out of him!
dude, I can out wipe you anyday (nm)collinsc
Jun 10, 2002 5:31 PM
cute, but let's let it go. (nm)jtolleson
Jun 10, 2002 5:37 PM
too good............. but what's your web site URL again? (nm)Jekyll
Jun 10, 2002 7:03 PM