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Jamis Tangier vs. Raleigh C500 which is better?(3 posts)

Jamis Tangier vs. Raleigh C500 which is better?zygut
Jun 10, 2002 9:49 AM
I'm having a hard time deciding on a bike, mostly because I dont know the relative quality of various componants, or originally what I wanted. I've pretty much settled on a hybrid bike and so far am most interested in two different bikes, and I am looking for some opinions about each to help me make up my mind!

The first is a Jamis Tangier, its got a 6061 triple gauge aero frame, a SR NCX-D fork, a SRAM ESP 7.0 rear derailler, with SRAM ESP 7.0, 24-speed shifters. Crankshaft is Shimano, the brakes are kinda weird SRAM Two-Axis Tektro (direct pull brakes, with strange levers) comes with a Selle Royale look-in saddle and is about 27 lbs.

The other is the Raleigh C500 which has rapid fire trigger shifters (Shimano Deore LX) , Aluminum frame, Simano Deore/Deore LX 27 speed drivetrain, SR NCX-D Fork. Shimano Deore Rear Derailleur. Brakes Tektro Linear Spring, Saddle Avenir Comfort.

The Raleigh is about $599, whereas the Tangier is about $549, the cheaper price is attractive, but it doesn't have to be the decision making factor if it turns out that the Raleigh's higher price warrants its price.

Does anyone have any opinions on either of these bikes, or their individual componants that might help me decide which way to go? I am mostly looking for a bike to ride around pot-hole laden city streets, over curbs, to navigate to work and around town (which has a fair number of hills), so something that'll withstand the rigours of the road, while being easy to get up hills with is important!

Biggest difference is the shifters...biknben
Jun 10, 2002 10:22 AM
The two bikes are very similar. They both have Al frames, suspension fork and seatpost. The biggest difference I see is the style of shifters. Do you want the thumb shifters by shimano or the throttle-like shifters of SRAM?

IMO go with the SRAM. Both types will work equally well. The SRAM may be easier to get used to.
Having owned a hybrid............STEELYeyed
Jun 10, 2002 10:47 AM
and taking in to account their intended purpose,to be able to handle all types of terrain and riding styles,IMHO they are the most worthless bikes ever designed,and in reality they don't do anything well. Most of them are nothing more than a cheap MTB with a big squishy saddle and some narrower tires. I think you would be happier and more comfortable with an entry level MTB like a Specialized RockHopper or other comparable hardtail,or possibly a Cross bike. I do ALL of my town riding and commuting on road bikes.