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Philly's opinion on Cecily(7 posts)

Philly's opinion on CecilySteveO
Jun 10, 2002 5:23 AM
Ok philly locals, Generally, i try to abstain from race-related topics on this board; but there seems to be a lot of FU interest here.

I was curious as to everyone's opinion of Cecily Tynan dropping out of the race so early. I was rather (scratch that - extremely) disappointed.

Obviously, She was underconditioned for such an event; I give her lots of credit for even attempting; however, I feel her attempt was feeble, at best.

In my opinion, stating (basically) "Im not used to THIS kind of racing", "i got stuck behind some slow riders", and "I have a triathlon next week" only discredited her as a competitor, and stole from the inexperienced some true insight into the demands of such competition.

I think the masses would have appreciated a more an honest effort from CT; and would have a more realistic appreciation for the gravity of the event. Personally, I would rather have seen her alone, 60 minutes behind the lead than drop on the first lap with a handful of excuses.

Im not knocking her as an athlete; her marathon times speak for themselves; but make it an honest effort for crying-out-loud.

Anyone agree/disagree?
re: Philly's opinion on CecilyJL
Jun 10, 2002 7:39 AM
I can agree to a point, but I think she was there for the TV coverage more than to finish the race. She was the only "team" member for Channel 6. She also had to give commentary for the camera while riding. I wondered if she was even allowed to finish the race because she was a lone rider in the pack and they probably made a special entry for TV.
I don't know why she couldn't just say she HAD too stop and make excuses either. Last year I ran into her while at a rest stop in Valley Forge. She was saying she needed to ride more, because that was one of the weak points in her new triathlon adventures. Maybe she still needs some work.

Happy riding.

Jun 10, 2002 7:53 AM
I agree she was there for the TV coverage... that was main area of concern as i felt she didnt give an honest effort in providing it.

Certainly, losing the pack would have limited her coverage, but i thought that would provide an even more valuable perspective for the viewers (i.e., coverage an accomplished athlete struggling to complete the event).

Besides, she could have always re-covered the pack when they lapped her!

thanks for the opinion.
my two cents...GreenFan
Jun 10, 2002 8:25 AM
I think Channel 6 would have fared much better to have auditioned and hired for the day one of the local female amateur racers, say from Evolution or somewheres, that would have provided someone more experienced with the kind of effort involved with a road race as opposed to the steady push of a Tri event. I must congratulate Channel 6 however, for having Phil Ligget commentate on the race in general...I rode home after the women's race ended and was rewarded with his familiar voice calling the shots as they occured...quite a difference from last year =)
Boob Camgarhead
Jun 10, 2002 8:42 AM
I could have used 3 more hours of seeing her fake boobs up close. Sorry I just had to say it.
did you tape it? nmDougSloan
Jun 10, 2002 9:08 AM
did you tape it? nmgarhead
Jun 10, 2002 9:44 AM
Her boobs or the whole race????