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Any of you riding the Cherohala Challenge this weekend?(2 posts)

Any of you riding the Cherohala Challenge this weekend?Mike P
Jun 10, 2002 4:03 AM
I was just wondering if any of you are riding the Cherohala Challenge this weekend. Maybe we can say hello.

I am getting excited about the ride but I guess I'm getting a bit worried too as this is my first ride longer than 80 miles. I feel like I am going to finish well if I can manage to ride smart. . . but some self-doubt is starting to play with my head. I mean, I am feeling very strong and the training this year has been going better than ever, but this ride is really going to be a challenge because 115 miles is a lot for me and over 9000 ft elevation gain is more than I am used to.

Anyway, hope to see some of you there! Bring some shorts to swim in, it feels really good to jump in the river after the ride.

...still considering it...JS Haiku Shop
Jun 11, 2002 5:28 AM
but it's a LONG drive, and father's day i'm expected at the hizzo. we'll see...but at this point, it's still a "would like to" but also a "probably next year." if i don't see you there, i'll expect a full ride report.