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Roadies vs Mnt bikers.. will it ever stop?(31 posts)

Roadies vs Mnt bikers.. will it ever stop?cyclopathic
Jun 9, 2002 7:49 PM
This morning I am pulling on my road bike to gas station to refuel, and there's a Jeep parked with battled Specialized hardtail on rack. Attractive brunette is unzipping windows. I drop my bike, say hello and she completely ignores me.

O'k, it's 7 o'clock in the morning, she is heading for mountains and I am heading out. I am low on sugar with a couple hundred of miles in my legs, bonked for last 30mi. No big deal I go in store, grab 2 sandwiches, pay (she is also there getting coffee).

A second later I am back to parking lot, stretching legs on concrete and munching away on my subs. She gets out of the store, notices my IMBA shorts and finally decides to smile at me and say hello. I ignore it.

Obviously girl ignored me as a roadie and only acknowledged me as an mtber. No doubt there's a certain level of unexplainable tension/hostility btw roadies/mtbers. Still can't we all get alone?
re: Ive never understood it myself....cyclejim
Jun 9, 2002 8:12 PM
I have a passion for mtn biking and road biking, can't decide which one I like more! So I appreciate both equally and try to acknowledge riders where ever I am. Heck I get jealous just seeing some one riding on the road when Im in my car. What really bugs me is some people who seem to like to draw lines between the two and look down on one form of cycling or the other. Thats just lame.
re: Roadies vs Mnt bikers.. will it ever stop?Fender
Jun 9, 2002 8:17 PM
it won't stop unless you greet her back and stop being so proud. You left with the impression that she's a dirt snob and she thinks that your a typical roadie who hates mtb riders, and it all started because she did not reply to you hello.. come on bro.
besides, you witness a rarely seen rider.. a FEMALE RIDER!! dude.. unless your married, have a S.O. or where just plain tired.. I'd understand. I guess I would have tried to set up a ride with her or something.... or at least said hi and made small talk.
re: Roadies vs Mnt bikers.. will it ever stop?spankdoggie
Jun 9, 2002 8:26 PM
It will never stop, and frankly, I love the "war" so to speak. When I am in mountain bike gear, I am in my mountain bike mode, and I go after roadies.

When I am in my road gear, I defend the roadies.

It is just life, man. Love the challenge. It would be alot less fun without the roadie vs. mnt biker wars...

Trust me.

Somewhere there is a world class mountain biker embarrassing a group of roadies, and somewhere there is a roadie embarrassing a group of world class mountain bike riders.

Enjoy the thrill of the battle.

Flowers and tears,

What does" go after roadies" mean? nmDjudd
Jun 9, 2002 8:32 PM
"Go after roadies" means...spankdoggie
Jun 9, 2002 9:20 PM
"Go after roadies" in full mountain bike gear means using their speed to push yourself to the limit. If you lose, so be it; if you win that is good too.

Read the "Cyclists Training Bible" and use it. Get in shape first.

Then "go after roadies" or "go after mountain bikers" ...

But don't be threatened by life and its challenges.

Love life,

Tears and hugs,

cycle chicks = waste of timecyclopathic
Jun 10, 2002 6:14 AM
yes I am married and I was really tired (which is explainable by high miles, bonk and lack of sleep). But even put that aside cycling chicks get so much attention, it isn't worth time, honestly. I have a couple friends female riders, one of them happen to be an attractive blond. When we ride now and then I hear stories from her how she gets hit on on group rides and how it annoys her. Sorry dude but if you have the fetish on cycling chicks you've gotta rise your own. Put your GF on bike good luck
I go both ways.Ken of Fresno
Jun 9, 2002 9:38 PM
Mountain and road I mean. Sheesh. What were you guys thinking? I think people are really missing out if they don't experience different aspects of the sport. Pavement, dirt, anything in between; it's all good. Whever two wheels can take me, I'll go.

i'm bicy-xual, too...dustin73
Jun 9, 2002 11:25 PM
and from what i've seen, it tends to be the hardcore roadie elitist attitude. true, some mtb'ers have it, but i think you come across those roadies more often 'cause roadies tend to be more serious. just my opinion, though. i'm about to go tricy-xual (bmx).

about the girl...dude, if i ever seen an attractive brunette even near a bike, i'll say "hey" or something. i've only seen one cycling chick that i would consider very attractive. she works at Bikeworld in San Antonio...she's gorgeous (and she's brunette). puts the CC chick to shame, again, in my opinion.

woah, did anyone else see the save by Friedal on that penalty kick? sweeeeeet.
so, I guess I must be a "quad"?lonefrontranger
Jun 10, 2002 9:42 AM
I race road, XC and cyclocross, and just picked up a nice Mongoose 20" for playing around with on the dirt jumps behind the local jr. high school.

I agree, there's no real war there, just a lot of hot air blown around by a few self-important geeks unaware of their hefty contribution to global warming. The rest is just good fun; hey if you can't trash-talk your buddies, who CAN you pick on?

The amusing thing is that the most pernicious jerks I know are the fast "touron" types in either discipline with that whole elitist snob thing going on but who have never done a race in their life. The absolute worst are the Beginner and/or Cat 4 newbee racers obsessed by their new-found importance as "racer" and the scent of their own testosterone. There are jerks in every sport and at every level, agreed, but IME the percentage of jerks tends to increase in inverse proportion to actual ability.

On any given MTB ride, I've discovered that it's most fun to show up totally "roadied-out" with the Euro-trash Lycra, helmet & sunglasses on my Italian Campy-equipped cyclocross bike. Oooo boy does that ever get 'em all wound up! The trash-talk doesn't stop until I've managed to run up some rock infested gut-buster faster than they can ride.
what, no freeride machine?! nmdustin73
Jun 10, 2002 10:23 AM
no, I like climbing too much ;) (nm)lonefrontranger
Jun 10, 2002 10:43 AM
you're a chick, right? how old are you?dustin73
Jun 10, 2002 6:16 PM
for some reason, i seem to remember you being a girl. and i don't see too many ladies ride BMX...that's pretty damn cool.
answers: yes, and old :)lonefrontranger
Jun 10, 2002 7:19 PM
I dig the BMX bike. A couple MTB guys recommended it to help with my handling skills. The local kids have built a set of neat dirt jumps out behind the middle school a few blocks from my house. I've played around on them with the MTB, but they're really set up for 20".

I have a shameful secret actually, and it is that I didn't learn to actually ride a bicycle until I was 13; by then I think you lose a lot the capability to learn things without fear.

I'll be 34 in August, but by my count going through my 4th or 5th childhood. I got carded for an NC-17 movie a couple weeks after my 30th birthday. I blame cycling for that.
aw dudette, you're not old...dustin73
Jun 10, 2002 8:46 PM
i learned to ride when i was 12 (8yrs ago)...a blue DiamondBack. that bike was sweet. now i want another...

a guy saw me working on trackstands and told me that he was selling his Monty trials bike, so there's another bike you need. it'll help the skills a lot, too.

i'll be 20 in december...still stuck in my first childhood.
You blew it with an 'attractive brunette'...spyderman
Jun 9, 2002 10:28 PM
At 7am, no coffee, I won't say hi to myself in the mirror.

Think about it, she probably thought you were some geek hitting on her at 7am and she didn't have coffee yet.

She gets her coffee and then says hi to you and you snub her?

Sorry bro, but you're a fool. All b/c of some stupid perceived feud...
my thoughts exactly.SteveO
Jun 10, 2002 3:11 AM
lack of coffee could be one of thousands of reasons other than the supposed hostility between self proclaimed 'roadies' and self proclaimed 'mtbers'.
A couple of hundred miles in your legs at 7.00am ??XTRMTB
Jun 10, 2002 2:31 AM
Man, you must have a good light set. Anyway regardless of your preferred medium, MTB,road or both, there is still the complex equation of individual personalities to be considered. Hostilities exist within as well.

re: lightscyclopathic
Jun 10, 2002 12:35 PM
Unlike for MTB you don't really need much light for road. Two 2.5wt Cateyes one low another high do it. Road lights have very narrow beam, as bright in spot as 15-20wt off-road lights.
Really now a couple hundred miles on before 7 AM???mikebikr
Jun 10, 2002 5:30 AM
You probably weren't very attactive yourself or smelling very good.
Maybe its just you!K-Man
Jun 10, 2002 5:59 AM
no seriously I think it depends on the area and moreso the individual person. In my area my MTB team often trains on the road with the local road teams and they often ride on the trails with us. Couldn't get along better. Tha being said I am a MTB'er at heart and most of my riding is now on the road for training. I say hello to every road rider that I pass and I bet I get less than a 5% response, the other 95% blantly ignore me. In my view it is the roadie that is the unfriendly rider.

Isn't it possible...mr_spin
Jun 10, 2002 6:43 AM
Maybe your encounter had absolutely nothing to do with "roadies vs. mnt bikers?"

Here are some possibilities I came up with, in no particular order:

1. Girl didn't hear you
2. Girl heard you, gets hit on a lot, chose to ignore you.
3. Girl not quite awake yet
4. Girl is escaped convict, trying not to attract attention
5. Girl hates roadies
6. Girl is really a man

I'm thinking 1, 2, or 3, or some combination of these are more likely.
I suspectcyclopathic
Jun 10, 2002 10:49 AM
it was 2, and that's why I eventually ignored. Deff not 1, she turned her head when I talked. She also eyed my bike, so there couldn't be any doubt about it.

What upset me I wasn't hitting on and it was borderline rude on her side (not by big city standard, definitely rude by country side rules, where we were in). Folks in country side tend to be very friendly, I talk to quite a few when I stop for water, food etc.

Also recognition on her side came after she saw IMBA logo. I suspect you're right roadie/mtb wasn't a main reason, just the contributing factor.
The feud is a fraud...biknben
Jun 10, 2002 7:10 AM
I treat everyone the same. I wave to riders I come across on the road and the trails. Some guys exchange pleasantries and some don't.

If you come across someone who is rude, than just call them RUDE. What type of bike, clothes, etc. usually has nothing to do with it.

In your case, I think you blew it. Hot Brunette with a bike said hi to YOU and you ignored her??? Who knows why she snubbed you initially. Who cares???
Never, ever see it.JBurton
Jun 10, 2002 7:18 AM
I hear it on this board, and I hear it on MTBreview, I see it in magazines. I never see it in person. I have never, ever in my entire cycling career, experienced first hand hatred, bad words, or even dirty looks. When I see another cyclist on the road, they inevitably hand signal or smile. When that road meets a trail, the mtbers hand signal or smile. When my trail meets the road, the Roadies hand signal or smile. Maybe I don't live in the hotbed of this civil war. Maybe it only happens on the west coast where Downhillers may be misunderstood, angst ridden young guys, and Roadies may be stuck up, holier than thou middle aged guys...I don't know. I have never even recieved so much as a jeer from the flatlanders riding flat black bmx bikes and grinding curbs in the abandoned grocery store parking lot. Heck I even thought about buying one of those bikes and giving that a try.
I think that in my area cyclist are so much of a minority that they really go out of their way to identify with other cyclist of any discipline. We can't afford to fight. Seeing it on this board was my first experience with the conflict. Now, I do get it from much of the rest of society, as you all know, but mainly just on the road. My co-workers laugh at my super-hero costume, but only the ones who don't ride a bike of some sort.

I don't know that the girl ignored you because you are a roadie. She may have ignored you because you had snot rockets stuck to your face, or maybe she had bad morning breath and didn't want to get near, maybe, like another post said, she hadn't had her coffee and couldn't physically answer you. Don't be so sensitive. You may have ruined your chances to have a nice romantic trail ride later this week...
re: Only if people like you keep bringing it up..jrm
Jun 10, 2002 7:20 AM
It's not what the person's the person. Anyone can be a tool or a nice person regardless..
Such an intresting question.PhatMatt
Jun 10, 2002 8:22 AM
I actually find this kind of funny, and here is why. Back befo9re I started cycling I was involved with the shooting sports pretty heavily. I played on the IPSC side of the fence, and have never seen a bigger group squabble back and forth as the gun guys will. There are probably 3-4 different kinds of pistol shooting sports. IPSC, IDPA, PPC and Cowboy Action. And for the most part they do not get along at all. This is an ongoing issue in all sports I think. In these two sports, we all would benift more if we could unite and act as one.

sheesh- self obsessed much?off roadie
Jun 10, 2002 8:48 AM
I don't expect every woman I say "Hi" to to respond. Maybe she was absorbed in the job of fixing her Jeep, or had something else on he mind. Or maybe she just doesn't like stange men (assuming your a man) saying Hi, and won't respond until she's sure your not some psycho. Either is a good reason. And maybe she just needed her coffee...

Most mountain bikers have nothing against road riding, or road riders. That doesn't also mean they have (or should have) any driving need to make all bikers feel like they are part of one big social circle. Worrying what other bikers think of your hobby is pretty self obsessed, IMO- chances are your perception is wrong, and collors your interactions.

BTW, a couple hundred miles before 7:00? Yeesh, maybe she did think you were psyco after all! And maybe your snubbing confirmed that impression...
You missed a perfect chance to ask WHY?dust
Jun 10, 2002 11:31 AM
By snubbing her hello you missed the chance to ask if she snubbed you for being a roadie. Or if she really had a serious caffeine deficiency. Now you will never know. Worse you probably helped this apparent war between riders (which I have never experienced either) move along a little bit more because of your hurt pride.

hello McFly?cyclopathic
Jun 10, 2002 11:43 AM
how could set up the war? I greet her in first place dumbo.
Besides if she has deficiency, it is manner not caffeine
Funny to see this side of it...-JC-
Jun 10, 2002 11:25 PM
I've been MTBing for about 5 years and bought a road bike 6 months ago. I have nothing against anyone. Whatever you do to amuse yourself is fine with me. However, when I am on my mountain bike and nod or waive at someone on a road bike I get nothing but a stony silence and bad vibes probably 90% of the time. When I'm on my road bike it is maybe 50% of the time. When MTBing I cant remember a single instance that I have said hi to someone and they didn't respond.

I have to say that in my experience MTBers are a pretty friendly bunch and if one doesn't waive or respond to you it is likely that (s)he was chumped so any times in the past by people on road bikes that they don't even try anymore. I certainly reached that point. I even got a little sadistic about it. I used to love to take my XC bike out on the shoreline trail by my house and hook up on roadie's wheels. They would speed up to avoid getting passed by the mountain bike. I pushed them until they cracked and then peddled off.

Maybe it is the emphasis on racing and competition that promotes that arrogant attitude but for whatever reason it seems to be firmly fixed in the roadie culture. That attitude can make some otherwise nice people come off like jerks. That said, there are jerks in every walk of life and perhaps you just ran into one on a MTB.