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Need Suggestions for First Road Bike(3 posts)

Need Suggestions for First Road Bikemark_2811
Jun 9, 2002 6:07 PM
I'm shopping for a road bike. I'll use it mostly for training and group rides, and maybe the occasional race. One of the bikes I'm looking closely at is the Cannondale R700. I'm also looking at a few Italian bikes from a friend who can get me a bit of a deal. I know nothing about the Italian brands though. They ones they sell are Pinarello, Olmo, Eddy Merckx and Pegoretti. Are these all good frames? Any recommendations? If I went with the Italian stuff, I'd probably build it up with Campy Veloce. I'm sure the cost would end up being quite a bit more than the Cannondale. So my question is ... do you guys think it is worth the extra cash for one of the Italian bikes? My impression is that they will probably be heavier than the Cannondale too. Having a stylish brand name isn't important to me if that's the only difference.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

re: Im considering building up my first bikecyclejim
Jun 9, 2002 7:02 PM
And I also looked at the Cannondale r700, among a slew of other bikes. Right now I am considering ordering a Pinarello Surprise frame and fork for $800. and getting a build kit from Jenson for $759. This is fairly close the the r700 price and would be full Ultegra with a awesome Pinarello frame.

Also thinking about getting the Scattante Zonal frame/fork from supergo for $499 and the same build kit from Jenson.
re: Need Suggestions for First Road BikeMe Dot Org
Jun 9, 2002 9:17 PM
Mark, your questions are good, they are just questions that get asked here a lot.

The 3 most important things in a road bike are fit, fit, and fit. A $5,000 bike that doesn't fit is worse than a $500 bike that does.

Test drive each bike for a while. Which one is going to light up your face and make you want to ride it, not just own it?

All the bikes you mention are fine. I'd probably have a slight preference for Italian steel, but that's me. It may not be you. There is no "right" or "wrong" bicycle frame (Unless maybe you're comparing a Seven to a Huffy). The most important thing is how it fits you, and how it feels to you.

cbike has some good closeout deals on 2001 Pegorettis:

...if your friend can do this well, you'd be getting a good deal, but again, the most important thing is fit.