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Almost bought it today(7 posts)

Almost bought it todayMe Dot Org
Jun 9, 2002 2:01 PM
A beautiful day for a ride, didn't even have to think about arm warmers, which is rare in San Francisco. Over the bridge to Marin County.

I'm descending northbound on Camino Alto (for those who know Marin). It's got corners that are great for an old fuddy duddy like me to carve at about 25-30 MPH. Camino Alto is heavily wooded, and the dappled sunlight is the kind that is perfect for hiding imperfections in the road, and I'm riding on a section where there was a dead cat the other day, kinda looking for it when a bug or something flies in my mouth and turn my head to spit it out and look ahead to see a black Toyota truck backing out of a driveway smack dead in front of me.

I'm going about 25. No time to stop. My brain has time to process: Truck=bad. Road=good. I head for the two feet of road on the opposite side that the truck is not occupying, squeak by, and now I'm into a corner blind on the wrong side of the road. No car is coming, and now I'm back on my side of the road. It was all over so fast my heart and pulse barely had time to register shock and alarm.

It's a weird feeling. I could have been seriously injured, even killed, and I'm still on my bike descending this beautiful road on a beautiful day.

Lately I've been aware how being distracted for even a few seconds can be dangerous, but that awareness didn't save me today. Luck and timing did.

Jun 9, 2002 2:47 PM
they're a miracle
guiding you down a long hill
wings protecting you--

.it's nice to still have you amongst us--
lesson learned(?)nova
Jun 9, 2002 3:00 PM
sounds like swallowing the bug would have been the safest course of action? But who thinks of such a thing the moment it happens?
re: Almost bought it todaynwester
Jun 9, 2002 4:19 PM
I know what you mean. I hadn't ridden a road bike in years, so today was my first day back at it in a long time. Same beautiful sort of day here in Portland, Oregon. I'm sailing down a lovely treelined winding road...with various driveways with blind spots here and there. Although I'm enjoying the very fast cruise, it suddenly occurs to me how vulnerable I am. Scenarios quickly flip through my mind of cars popping out from behind the trees of these driveways, and my ability to react to them...or actually lack there of. I then grounded myself and slowed down considerably. I want to be around for the next lovely day.
re: Almost bought it todayCarbon fiber fanatik
Jun 9, 2002 5:52 PM
Some advice? Don't spend your time worried about what may pop up.. belive me, you could never cover all the bases and trying to will only cause the quality of your ride to be cheapend. I know this because I never expected to be hit by a quad driving illegally on the road. Sure, ride on the defense, but never lessen the quality of the ride by an unforseen incident. By the way? I never expected to hit a deer on a mountain bike either, but that happened too.. Just ride!!
re: Almost bought it todayWoof the dog
Jun 9, 2002 6:34 PM
True that. Hell, if you follow these guys' advice, you basically have to lock yourself up because its dangerous outside. My father, as he got older stopped taking any chances while cycling. I can see how fragile he feels riding as close as possible to the right edge of the road. How can a person enjoy biking like that?

.... I am looking forward to that package with my name on it that is somewhere in the wearhouse far away :-P

Woof, the dog that pretends he can talk.
re: Almost bought it todayHAL9010
Jun 10, 2002 3:07 PM
Every time I leave the house for a ride I kiss my wife and child... just in case. I take those few moments to remind myself that this is what I ride to come back to and to not take chances that would jeopardize it.