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the tire gods (demons) got me(10 posts)

the tire gods (demons) got meDougSloan
Jun 9, 2002 1:58 PM
Every time I praise a tire, it comes back to haunt me. I've been going on and on about how the Conti Gatorskins are so great. Take a look below. I was pumping it up, and BLAMMO -- the sidewall separates from the wire bead. No more recommending tires for me.

Baby on the brain?mickey-mac
Jun 9, 2002 2:23 PM
Doug, staring off into the distance in the garage, thinking to himself:

Why won't she agree to Thor? It's a great name. (90 lbs)
Do they make C40s in kids' sizes? (100 lbs)
I don't care what everyone says; I'll still have time to ride. (110 lbs)
I wonder if they make Mapei-kit jammies. (120 lbs)
Maybe we'll have a girl next time and I'll insist on Celeste. (130 lbs)
Let's see, I'm going to have to work until when to put this kid through college? (140 lbs)
Boy, I'm more upset about this Thor thing than I should be. (150 lbs)
That's the last time I recommend a tire on RBR
Jun 9, 2002 5:18 PM
you may have nailed it, but I'll swear until I die that it didn't go over 100 psi. :-)

LOL. nmJS Haiku Shop
Jun 11, 2002 5:49 AM
had a sidewall blowout during today's century. :-(Tig
Jun 9, 2002 7:07 PM
Luckily it was small enough that a dollar bill could boot it and let me finish. At 40 miles just 30 yards before a rest stop a nail pierced the tread and angled out the sidewall, so I guess it really isn't a true blow out. The rest stop had a work stand and shade (it was HOT today!) so I took advantage. I'm happy to say I still made it in 4 hours, 54 minutes even with the delay.
had a sidewall blowout during today's century. :-(Fender
Jun 9, 2002 7:35 PM
great time!!!
I had a cut in my side wall on a ride four months ago. I threw in a patch to cover the cut, and its still riding strong!!!
Warranty?Ken of Fresno
Jun 9, 2002 11:00 PM

It looks like it's a fairly new one. I've never tried it for a tire, but you may be able to get it replaced under warranty. If you have an in with the guys at Cyclopath or Tri-Sport maybe they could help. If you did mail order/net you might try contacting the manufacturer. I've had similar probelms with Conti's in the past. Love the tires, but they always seem to fall apart befor they run out of rubber. By the way, have you tried the Michelin Axial Carbon? I've been extremely happy with mine. Very puncture resistant (so far) and a lot lighter than the GatorSkins. Doh! There I go. Hope your jinx doesn't rub off onto me. :) Jus' kiddin.

Best of luck,
re: the tire gods (demons) got meBikeViking
Jun 10, 2002 4:06 AM
It's all my fault!!!


historical truth #15...JS Haiku Shop
Jun 11, 2002 5:52 AM
instant karma. never...repeat: NEVER talk-up tires or downplay fl*ts. i'm glad this didn't happen to you on the road. will you still use gators? i'm giving them ONE more try.
I should have known betterDougSloan
Jun 11, 2002 6:03 AM
I even knocked on wood, to no avail. There must be something different to knock on for tires. This happens to me every darn time I recommend a tire. Every time. I stared the tire demons in the face and spit at them. They got even.