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Jun 9, 2002 8:33 AM
In the continuing challange to get my bike to feel right, I have come across a stumper...Here it is:\
I usually ride the hoods...when doing so, I feel that my weight is on my palms, thus the weight is off the rear of my butt and on my pelvic bone (right under my testicles). I have to push up on my arms to relieve the stress.
I thought my fore/ aft was correct, I am 5'11, but have size 12 if the ball of my foot was right over the pedal I would be waaaay foward, so I have my "knee" behind the pedal. Handlebar is almost level with seat, seat is level, stem is 100, which puts my back in "good position"...Any clues how to get the weight off my crotch and back on my ass? I could include a pic (of me on my bike, not my ass) if that would help. Alan
re: me find an answer!von flash
Jun 9, 2002 11:50 AM
You can angle the bar ends towards the rear cluster, if not already there. This brings the hoods up a shade but also lowers the drops. The location of the shifters/brake levers can also be changed but usually involves more work. Good luck.
easy .....Spirito
Jun 9, 2002 12:11 PM
raise the bars....

yes it may involve a new stem

Jun 9, 2002 3:09 PM
or should I say butt...

He already says bars are even with saddle. Should a male rider not be able to get a flatter back/hands on the hoods position without ... ahem ... squashing the family jewels?

I didn't really answer this thread because I'm female, but ultimately weight generally belongs on sit bones, which are NOT the same weight on the butt (i.e., upright riding position). Assuming he wants a traditional road position, isn't their some other fix?
A few thingsKerry
Jun 9, 2002 4:32 PM
1) it doesn't matter what size your shoes are, you still should have the ball of the foot over the pedal axle, or a bit forward of that if you have "hot foot" problems.

2) moving your foot forward or back on the pedal has little influence on other fit parameters. Your knee doesn't move forward or back appreciably as a result of this much shoe movement, so the saddle to BB relationship doesn't/shouldn't change hardly at all.

3) knee behind the pedal suggests and supports low "mashing" cadence. Some people get butt relief at higher cadence as their rear is lifted slightly with each pedal stroke. Better for the knees and for endurance as well, but it is a personal preference issue.

4) it sounds as though you may have a saddle tilt/design problem. If the saddle fits you OK but you have pressure on the "front end" then you may need to tilt the nose down just a hair. Small differences can have an amazing effect. However, if your sit bones don't come to rest on the firm part of the saddle, then the saddle is not a good fit for you, and you have a quest.

5) the higher you have your saddle relative to the handlebars, the more weight you put on your hands. You've gone the opposite direction, so you're putting more weight on your saddle. However, in order to drop the bars relative to the saddle, you have to be flexible and have a strong stomach/back. You might consider doing crunches and "superman" exercises to strengthen yourself, plus stretching to allow you to reach the bars when they are lower.