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Is Greg Lemond threatened by Lance's success?(7 posts)

Is Greg Lemond threatened by Lance's success?Fignons_ponytail
Jun 8, 2002 5:31 PM
First last year's "guilt by association" accusations about Lance and horse doc. Now this:

"Lance is fantastic. I won't be jealous if he wins a fourth
title. You know, I feel I also won it four times. In 1985, I had a
lead of a few minutes over (eventual winner) Bernard Hinault in
the overall standings but I had to follow my team's instructions to
let him through and win the title."

Next year, will Lemond be saying "if I didn't have the hunting accident I would have won 6..."?

Come on, Greg, you are still the best in many of our minds--just give credit graciously! Sheesh.
re: Is Greg Lemond threatened by Lance's success?Tom C
Jun 8, 2002 6:29 PM
One can only imagine what kind of crap goes through his mind the rest of the year. He was never in the yellow jersey on the road or after any given stage during the 1985 Tour. You can argue about the protocol of attacking your own team leader, one who was suffering from a broken nose to boot, from here to kingdom come. One wonders if Hinault had been an American what things would be said about it today. I guess there would be no contoversy if Hinault had not broken his nose. My .02 cents is that with Greg there are too many ifs. If no hunting accident, if no being held back, if no Armstrong and finally if his Grandmother had balls she'd be his Grandfather.
Nice postNessism
Jun 8, 2002 6:39 PM
It's clear that Lemonds ego is hurt. To bad. He should be happy to see another American do well. I for one don't have as much respect for him as I once did.

Hunting Accident Helped Make LeMondAlpedhuez55
Jun 9, 2002 5:38 PM
Sure he could have won maybe 5 or 6 but what made LeMond was the drama of that final time trial in 1989 when put against the hunting accident. It added to his story and turned him from an athlete to almost a superhuman. It was an American almost singlehandedly (He had a weak team) beating all the strongest Europe had to offer. While it may or may not seem as dramatic as Lances deeds, the fact that he won the race with dozens of peices of lead shot in him is impressive.

I am a happy owner of a 2001 Lemond Zurich. The stock geometry fits my body like a custom. One of the bigest drawbacks to the bike was not at all about the bike but having that pop up window clarifying the statements he made about Lance last year.

There is room for two great American Cyclists. It is easy to get tired of the catty interviews and Trek mandated retractions. I would much rather debate who would win if the could race a tour with both in their prime, like we would ask who would win in their prime if Ali fought Joe Louis.
Folks seem surprised to see that someone candjg
Jun 10, 2002 9:44 AM
be both a great athlete and a whiner. But there's just nothing inconsistent there.

I don't know that it's just personal jealousy, although that clearly seems a part of it. GL makes a fair bit of coin off his position--fictional or not--as the best American cyclist ever. There's not just whatever he gets from the Lemond Bike line at Trek; there's just a ton of stuff with his name on it at discount stores around the country. Now there's another US rider with a rainbow jersey and three tour titles. Not only that, but Lance eclipsed GL's spectacular comeback story with an even more spectacular comeback story. Plus Lance is poised to take his 4th TDF. Add to that a US public that's fascinated with the new, and that devotes rather little mental space to lists of great cyclists (stop the average guy in the bike section at Sports Authority or Target and ask him who Andy Hampsten is--ok, maybe not one of the greats, but a possessor of a world-class palmares nonetheless--and you'll likely get a blank stare). I'm thinking ongoing success in the Armstrong camp means that Gregg's going to be out some bucks in a year or two and that he knows it.

The drug comments last year were a disgrace. And however well poised Gregg was to take an additional (not 4th at the time) TDF, he didn't do it outside his own mind.
Greg is first and had to work the hardest ...Djudd
Jun 8, 2002 6:51 PM
he broke ground in more ways than just being the first American TdF winner. However, I am sorry to see he seems to be not as giving as one would like. The same ego and drive that made him a TdF champion is now, likely, gnawing at him about what should/could have been. Greg Lemond was the watershed rider for a generation of riders including Lance. He needs age gracefully
probably tougher competition, too345
Jun 10, 2002 9:47 AM
LeMond had to contend with Hinault, Fignon and Delgado. Lance with an off-the-juice Pantani and a not always top condition Jan. Not that Lance's competition was weak, I just think Greg's was tougher.

Lance's book is still only half written. When it is done he will probably clearly come out on top. I would like to see someone new emerge to really challenge him and remove any lingering doubts.