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A fun morning ride...(5 posts)

A fun morning ride...JL
Jun 8, 2002 11:14 AM
The Prime Alliance Team had advertised a 25 mile ride with the team for today here in the Philly area. Only $10, so I decided to see what it would be like. I registered and saw the map would take us part way on the local bike trail from Valley Forge to Philly. It's the "training ride trail" a lot of the teams use during the First Union week. What I couldn't figure out was how we were getting there from the Mall where it started. Turns out we had a Police escort down a major road to the start of the trail. They told everyone to be back by 10am for the return trip or you'd have to find your own way back.
The whole team rode, including their director and the masseuse (sp?). There were probably around 30 citizens on road bikes, tandems, etc. We kept a pretty "pedestrian pace" of around 15 mph out to the turnaround, though we did have to stop for one accident in the back of the pack. After some "nature breaks" at the turnaround, we started the ride back.
I was riding up front and started following John Peters and noticed that he had picked up the pace (~20 mph). After about 5 miles, we noticed we had left the entire group (except for the tandems) behind. He said let's slow down in case guys were turning around to go back to Philly. 2 other riders caught up, which turned out to be his girlfriend (the team masseuse) and another rider. The four of us finished back to the escort location.
Everyone regrouped and the train rolled out again. This time back on the major road with escort. It was fun to fly through all the lights while the police stopped traffic and seeing people in their cars staring at us like "Who are these people with an escort on this road?" The last 200 yards turned into an all out sprint fest. The team was flying with whomever else could hang on.
It wasn't my normal faster/longer Saturday ride, but it was fun to say you road with the Pros for a little. Not an opportunity most of us have every day. They were all really cool and talked about whatever and the other two races they had this week. Just thought I'd pass it along my fun for the morning.

Happy riding.


P.S. Sorry TJeanLoz. No John Walford autograph.
Cool story, thanks for sharing. (nm)Allen az
Jun 8, 2002 12:25 PM
Yeah, thanks for sharing... How long did both legs take? nmspyderman
Jun 8, 2002 10:18 PM
It took about 2 hours or so becauseJL
Jun 9, 2002 6:08 AM
we stopped/started 3 or 4 times. John Peters said he was happy to get the slightly faster/longer ride with me in to loosen his legs. I know the team was planning an optional return trip to Philly and their hotel on the path again once their autograph/promotional session in the Mall was completed.
Does sound kind of cool. (nm)Leisure
Jun 9, 2002 2:46 AM