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WTB: New Cardiovascular & Immune Systems(1 post)

WTB: New Cardiovascular & Immune SystemsProspectus
Jun 8, 2002 5:07 AM
What a difference a week makes.

2 weeks ago I entered my first crit. 1hr + 5 laps of in blinding hail, rain and gale-force winds. Stuck with it right to the end although the main field almost lapped me for the 5th time. Almost killed myself getting home being absolutely bonked.

Couple of days later did a running race. 3.5 miles of start and stop racing due to the bottlenecks. Still, I thought I acquitted myself quite well.

Was feeling pretty good with myself after all the racing. So a week ago, on Saturday, when the fast group went past, I jumped on the back gritting my teeth but managing to stay on right to the end. Sunday I went out for 4 hours of endurance training at 80% MHR.

Monday sees me developing a cough (lousy respiratory system packed it in methinks). So I take it easy for the rest of the week as any decent self-preserving dude would.

Anyway, coming to the end of the post. Today I sat in the slow group telling myself not to try to bridge any silly gap to the fast group when I started feeling my legs go about 2/3 of the way through.

I was hanging on on the final straight. Tried to do a little through and off. Guy in front of me goes off, my legs pack it in (can't go through). Agony! Find myself in no man's land. Signalled to rejoin the group.

The gap opens up, my legs are screaming, I'm pushing 95% MHR which I don't normally do at this stage. I hear a shout of despair. The guy who opened up the gap for me can't keep the effort up so he falls back while I hang on to the end.

Somewhere out there is a very cheesed off dude to whom I sincerely apologise. I personally don't think I overtrained but my body wants to believe that it did.

Wish I could buy the above from a pro cyclist. Just my 2 rants.