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Write a Ticket Yourself!!!(2 posts)

Write a Ticket Yourself!!!jose_Tex_mex
Jun 7, 2002 9:19 PM
I am reading a lot about people having stuff thrown at them and other random acts of violence. Fortunately, I have not had such bad luck. However, if you do please do not let it go - at least in the extreme cases.

More recently, I encountered a driver whom I felt needed a reality check after a dangerous incident. I got their license plate and camly proceeded to the Police Department. I explained my case to the officer and he suggested I summons them.

I hope everyone ralizes that's it is not just cops who get to write tickets. In most states you can too! Take advantage of this. I can only imagine the look on the driver's face when they get a summons.

Anyhow, I went to court and allowed them to plead to a lesser charge after having the prosecutor explain to them the law.

Again, I am not suggesting we write tickets for each and every idiot driver - there would be no time to cycle. But when it comes to acts of violence you might want to do a little more than give them the bird.
Jun 10, 2002 6:07 AM
What state are you in? That might be important.

I seem to recall in Missouri (I was a lawyer there, too), infractions could only be prosecuted if witnessed by a law enforcement officer. Speeding, running stop signs, things like that, are infraction. Assault would at least be a misdemeanor, though, that could be referred by a citizen.

Keep in mind that if you lose, you might be sued for false arrest, defamation, or malicious prosecution. Officers and prosecutors are likely immune for those things, but not you. If it boils down to a credibility contest, you might very well lose, as you must prove every element of your case "beyond a reasonable doubt."

I'd recommend taling with the police or prosecutor's office. If you can't convince them, you might have a hard time in court. Nonetheless, they might refuse to prosecute for other reasons, too, like insufficient time.

So, you going to start carrying a summons pad with you on rides?