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can we all go easy on Nick?(46 posts)

can we all go easy on Nick?weiwentg
Jun 7, 2002 5:48 PM
yes, he's irritating, but I'm sure we've all passed through that stage. I mean, some people criticize him fairly, and some people just seem to love flaming him ... go flame that Crooks person who wrote that asinine article :)
I think we need some objective measures here. I propose:AllisonHayes
Jun 7, 2002 6:08 PM
1. a doodoo meter for whenever someone steps in it.

1-3 is just a warning; 4-6 says you have stepped in pretty deep and better lay off for a while; anything above a 7 means you're in over your head and are stinkin' up the place.

2. a flyin' off the handle meter

So, this fly was buzzing around & spotted this big pile of manure. The fly said to himself, "I am so hungry and this looks so good." So he landed and ate and ate. After a while and a few good burps he tried to fly back home. Only he had eaten so much, he couldn't lift off.

The fly spotted this shovel in the manure and decided to climb to the top thinking he could get then fly from there. So he leaps off the top of the shovel and SPLATT. Fly gunk all over the ground.

Moral of the story: When you fly off the handle, make sure you're not full of shit.

So, for those flamers of Nick, we can give them a flyin' off the handle countermeasure.
Jun 7, 2002 6:36 PM
HE'S BACK!!AllisonHayes
Jun 7, 2002 6:41 PM
Oh no, it's the FLY. I thought I recognized the stink!
Jun 7, 2002 7:21 PM
Allison, that was a good one.
Lazywriter ... I hate to say this. but just shut up.
Jun 7, 2002 7:30 PM
Lazy thinks that conjugate hasAllisonHayes
Jun 7, 2002 7:38 PM
something to do with sex. Then he becomes incontinent because he gets so excited. Poor boy.
Allison, seriously you areLazywriter
Jun 7, 2002 7:47 PM
not funny nor witty. All of the corny bastards here may think so, but you all probably laugh at Bob Hope who was never funny. Now go wash that upper lip and the smell will go away.
The original low lifeAllisonHayes
Jun 7, 2002 8:08 PM
Lazywriter's mind slithers through the dark alleys, his favorite childhood playground, haunted now by memories of prostitutes and cutthroats, drunken bums, crackheads. Here he feels he is an emperor, superior to all those around--he is in familiar ground: he is home.

Here he is the king of the slackers, riding his Litespade, shoveling his drivel to the masses, oblivious to the fact that the nameless, faceless crowd couldn't care less about his Grace as they shuffle through their daily routine.

"I am king; I am superior; I ride a Litespade," he repeats over and over in a pitiful mourn. No one listens; no one cares.
Do you people ever stop?!Allen az
Jun 7, 2002 8:17 PM
Grow up! Even better.... turn OFF your computers.

no way, dont stop! this is funny sh*t!collinsc
Jun 7, 2002 8:26 PM
I love LazyWriter, such a ruthless bastard, how could I not?

Maybe ease up on the personal attacks, but i dont mind this epic and storied feud continuing
Allison, how propheticLazywriter
Jun 7, 2002 8:17 PM
you have such a way with words. Irrelevant and a sort of retarded stream of conciousness. You are really impressed with yourself, aren't you? Your arrogance seeps through your posts. You are so transparent and probably don't have many friends except the cornballs that post here. That is why you incessantly post because you have no life.
The only stream you understandAllisonHayes
Jun 7, 2002 8:36 PM
is when they caught your father masterbating in that tree when you were conceived. What was his name? Oh yeah, Michael Lazywriter Skakel.

No wonder you have such a violent streak: you were born with fetal alcohol syndrome. You know, FAS is the leading cause of mental retardation in the western world. But I wouldn't expect you to understand.

btw, is that your slightspeed? You must be pretty short. Do you have a Napoleon syndrome too?
You keep validating my perception of you asLazywriter
Jun 7, 2002 8:43 PM
being a pseudo-intellectual. You throw some self perceived witty remarks together that only serve to impress yourself and have no basis in reality. My bike is a 57cm and I am 6 feet tall so I guess you are mistaken or have poor perceptual abilities. Seriously, Allison, you need to get away from you keyboard because you post way too much. Use your hands elsewhere, you'll sleep a lot better.
Let me introduce SleazywriterAllisonHayes
Jun 7, 2002 8:59 PM
My name is sleazywriter

I ride a slitespeed
It is 57cm; I am 6 feet tall
My mind is the size of a peanut however.

Don't mess with me
All I know are personal attacks
I have no personality
I love to cut other people down.
I like to cut 'em down thru sexual references.
Thems my favorite expression.

I ride really fast
Did I say I ride a slitespeed?
It has no pedals as you can see by my picture.
but I ride it really fast in my mind.
Now that's an amazing feet (sic).

("Don't call me sic," says sleazy talking to himself.)

See how clean my bike is?
My mind is filthy, go figure.

In my own mind, I am a very caring person.
I like four letter words
I use them a lot
They are my favorite form of expression.

Some people think I am a jerk
Just because I use four letter words
And turn every post into a farce

I am self-centered
I like power
I have power where I work
Power, power, power.

Don't ever disagree with me!
Don't ever cross me!
Don't ever pull any politically correct crap on me!

Don't ever attempt to reason with me!
Don't ever express a complete thought either.
I can't comprehend anything longer that a sound-bite.
I can never stay on point.

My memory is like that of a squirrel
I bury my nuts but I forget where I put them half the time.
Don't ever call me nuts!

Think you can change me?

I ride a slitespeed
I ride really fast
Did I say I ride a slitespeed?
Did I say I have no pedals?
You really are relentless.Lazywriter
Jun 7, 2002 9:11 PM
Still not funny, but relentless. As far as my bike, that picture was taken when it was new. Therefore it was clean. Secondly, there are Speedplays on my bike in that picture and yes, I love four letter words and I cannot stand politically correct people. They are usually amongst the most disingenuous. Kinda like how I picture you.

"My mind is the size of a peanut however."
Cmon now you have to do better than that. That is ridiculously corny, trite and just plain stupid.
Ok, you have an Identiopathic Personality DisorderAllisonHayes
Jun 7, 2002 9:24 PM
Identiopathic Personality Disorder

A lemming-like pattern of behavior and ideas beginning in early adulthood (and quickly stagnating thereafter) whose so-called alternative vision of dominant culture is unoriginal, predictable, and un-open to discussion on any other terms, and which is present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by six (or more) of the following:

1) inability to interpret any information or experience without first filtering for deviations from, or inconsistencies with, chosen vision

2) extremely concrete and literal understanding of the world that disables capacity for thinking critically, or considering ambiguities

3) is quick to bond with mirror-image-like peers for a solidarity that is ultimately superficial and trepidatious

4) gnawing desire to be seen and perceived as not-like-everybody-else

5) perception of being more intelligent, sensitive, and privy to a "Truth" which others could see if they would only just listen

6) infertile imagination and cowardice, manifested as a fanatical need for control over speech acts

7) uses (often inappropriate) repetition to convince self and others of ideas; regularly hisses in movie theatres

8) is so literal as to be humorless, hypocritical, and helpless
The one thing I an "PRIVY" to isLazywriter
Jun 8, 2002 6:53 AM
that you are a totally unfunny and homely woman who obviously has no life as to spend all your time creating these ridiculously verbose posts. I assure there are plenty of others who find you annoying and unfunny but have no beef with you so they hold their tongues.
You scare me as you seem to border on the ege of an obsessive personality. Your attention to detail on these meaningless mesage boards is indicative of such obsessiveness or simply that you have nothing else to do.
You are an unbelievable loser and keep validating this by each post.
I see tattered pieces of sleazywriter all over the road...spyderman
Jun 8, 2002 7:59 AM
Man, how does it feel to be shredded to bits?

WOW, to literally 'blow up' in the face of the public eye??

You've lost. No one here agrees with you. You have no friends.

Be a man, admit defeat, and walk away gracefully. It's the only way you can save face.

Jun 8, 2002 8:08 AM
you really told me there champ. SHUT UP and mind your own business. Trust me, I am not the only one who thinks Allison is annoying. You two should get together and bore each other to death.
lazy ...weiwentg
Jun 8, 2002 8:19 AM
a few people, myself not included, may very well think Allison's annoying. but almost everyone thinks you are annoying, childish, bitter, spiteful, malicious, belligerent, bellicose, juvenile and inane. you need a life. you very desperately need a life. 90% of your posts are childish temper tantrums. have you considered psychotherapy? you have some issues you need to deal with, and possibly a case of narcissistic and/or borderline personality disorder as well. I'm serious - you do meet some of the symptoms.
Jun 9, 2002 4:11 AM
Lazy is an educated adult who damn well knows what he's doing. He knows exactly how he presents to everyone else here and he realizes he draws considerable response for it, WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT HE WANTS. He knows he looks like a full-blown personality disorder, he's said as much and he does everything he can to enhance that image. He's just sitting back at his computer pushing every button he can, and the truth of the matter is even when he's telling people what he's doing point blank, they get sucked into it anyway. When he's on his childish spats he's the most important person on this board, not because he has anything good, productive, interesting, or positive to say, but because everyone reads it and feeds into it. You need to realize (in the classic therapeutic mantra) nothing you do or say will change who he is, he knows what he's doing and actively chooses to be such. He knows the therapy game better than you do and doesn't want to change. You need to quit wasting your own time and thoughts letting him corral you into being another one of his unsuspecting therapists hopelessly digging around trying to figure out what he's all about. Trust me, there's nothing there. It's a trail of cheese that doesn't lead anywhere. When Doug and others talk about how we need to ignore this kind of stuff, there's serious wisdom in it. One day I'll expound on that. Otherwise, all you have to do to win here is post your productive insights on other subjects. Pretty easy.
Leisure, you are as about as close asLazywriter
Jun 9, 2002 10:20 AM
you can get with your synopsis of me. However, it is not totally on the $$$ though. My "persona" is a monster that has grown out of control. I didn't start out this way, but as you know, people like to use this forum as some kind of venue to talk their garbage. I am not saying it is my duty to confront these people, but I cannot stand pretentious people. Trust me, it is not just "keyboard courage" at work here. I call people on their bullsH%$ all the time. Amongst my friends, this is one of my most endearing traits. They always know they will get the truth and not smoke blown up their asses. People like Allison and others constantly go on and on like their some sort of pseudo celebrity and to be honest I like busting balls. My ego is intact and I don't require the stroking that they do.
There are a few people here that rub me the wrong way and in turn I may rub many others the same way. My pet peeve though is that I cannot even discuss Litespeed without the typical responses and that bugs me. Nobody will change me, you are correct but I can and do have civil conversations until some of the few responders start in. Honestly, I rarely instigate but agree that I am quick to respond which maybe isn't the most mature thing to do, but that is who I am.
good point, thanksweiwentg
Jun 9, 2002 12:12 PM
sorry. I tend to get worked up easily, which is something I am working on.
it's everyone's business...merckx56
Jun 8, 2002 9:30 AM
that both of you continue these inane and insulting posts! people don't come to this board to listen to you and allison insult each other and basically act like spoiled children. too much time, energy and space has been devoted to this escapade in futility! both of you need to shut the f@ck up and just agree to disagree! it's very easy to be insulting over the anonimity of cyberspace. my bet is both of you wouldn't say shit to each other face to face, if the opportunity ever arose. please, for everyone who uses this board as a tool and for entertainment, stop carrying on in this way.
i'm sure this will be met with some insulting and smart(dumb)ass response, and that's fine. we wouldn't expect anything less from either of you!
an apology to merckx56, weiweintg & othersAllisonHayes
Jun 8, 2002 11:04 AM
Sorry, I got carried away. I do not mean to offend people on this board. I am going to take a long, long break. I feel there are too many instances of flaming.

Have a nice summer everyone.

Jun 8, 2002 11:46 AM
I wasn't trying to run anyone off or piss anyone off for that matter! just don't take the bait! i have thick skin and wasn't offended in the least, but this just isn't the time or place. i rather enjoy the vast majority of your posts, but this whole thing with lazy has to stop. some people just feel the need to have the last word. be the bigger person and just don't respond to the baiting.
Allison, don't go too far...spyderman
Jun 8, 2002 10:26 PM
I really enjoy your posts. You add so much color to this message board, w/o I don't think I'd stop by much...


an apology to merckx56, weiweintg & othersweiwentg
Jun 9, 2002 3:03 PM
Allison, it's all right. do come back to us - some idiots may think you try too hard, but I don't think there are very many of them.
You're losing this one, L.jtolleson
Jun 8, 2002 4:50 PM
You're just the guy who doesn't know it.

Reminds me of that old saying "I'm so far behind I think I'm first."
Actually, I totally agree with Lazy.Allen az
Jun 8, 2002 8:22 AM
He's right, Allison tries way too hard. All of you that agree with her are just her "bitches". Now everybody.... stop obsessing over this damn forum, and get a freakin' life.
bitch, me?weiwentg
Jun 8, 2002 8:32 AM
Allen, what you think of anyone is your business. just try not to insult everyone else in the process. you're young, so I'll ignore that. but in real life, people may not be so understanding.
if you're anything like I was, you'd better have understanding friends...
Allen, perhaps you're sleazy's little corn hole???spyderman
Jun 8, 2002 10:31 PM
Lazy....Allen az
Jun 7, 2002 7:28 PM
Can you please post a picture of your Litespeed for me? I'm thinking of buying one.

Allen, here you goLazywriter
Jun 7, 2002 8:00 PM
Inseam? Frame Size? Measurements?unchained
Jun 8, 2002 2:04 PM
Just curious. What is your exact inseam measurement measure from pubic bone to floor? What size is your Vortex?

Thanks in advance.
Inseam? Frame Size? Measurements?Lazywriter
Jun 8, 2002 2:46 PM
It is a 57cm and my inseam in bicycle shorts with the book jammed in there and measure to the ground is 33 - 33 1/4 inches (depending upon how hard I press).
I have a long torso and arms and I am running a 110mm stem. I probably could have gotten away with a 55cm and 120mm stem but I have ridden a 57cm Litespeed Classic for 6 years and it fits me perfectly. I have about 4 inches of seatpost showing but my Vortex's seat clamp rises about an inch above tt which my Classic and Fondriest don't do therefore "showing" more seatpost.
I would have gotten a 56cm if they made them in the Vortex as I think that is a good compromise but the 57cm is what I have ridden and enjoy the extra cockpit space.
Jun 7, 2002 10:42 PM
Can you please post a picture of your bookshelves again? I'm thinking of getting a degree in Psychology like you. Are you sure you are six feet tall?
Tirider, you simply cannotLazywriter
Jun 8, 2002 6:47 AM
resist me can you. I didn't think you were in this one but you put youself here. The picture of my bike is the one that I have. I don't take new ones every week so it is what it is.
As far as my height, I could give a rat' a$$ if you don't think I am the height I am. My bike is a 57cm. Shorter legs, longer torso. Figure it out genius. Stay out of this son you are not involved.
Jun 8, 2002 8:54 AM
Wow for a guy with a supposed psychology degree you just don't get it do you? Yup, I just can't resist. Watching you flame out on this board has the same effect on me as driving by a car crash or a house fire. Of all the raging psychoses you display we certainly know agoraphobia isn't one of them. Hmmm, or is this really a public place?
I love a good moral with a story! nmrwbadley
Jun 7, 2002 8:02 PM
re: can Nick go easy on us?collinsc
Jun 7, 2002 6:43 PM
Yeah, maybe people are a little rash when dealing with him, but I honestly think he asks for it. His posts have the highest concentration of flame-bait I think I have ever seen (excepting trolls of course), and quite often it seems he will not let those ugly threads die. Changing the pronouns in a new post doesnt change the subject and the people here I think are smart enough to read between lines.

Nick has his own special brand of post, which is just fine, but as of late the frequency has skyrocketed and its getting annoying.

I agree though, there are certainly more malicious people to be worrying about.
I am new here...spankdoggie
Jun 7, 2002 11:01 PM
But litespeeds suck. I got a serotta csi with ksyriums and full dura ace...

Get a serotta you litespeed owners... get one.

Litespeed owners are like damn ghetto bastards with old cars with rims and wheels sticking out of the fenders and cheap paint jobs and stuff...

Get rid of your litespeeds.

hey look...spankdoggie
Jun 7, 2002 11:04 PM
The fact is everytime I ride over the Golden Gate Bridge and see a litespeed, all I think is "what a jackass."

People are shouting and complimenting me on my serotta all the time. Silence ensues and nervous stares surround a litespeed owner.

As long as you litespeed owners are comfortable with my thoughts of you as a jackass as I pass by your scared pansie azz,

that is ok,


i have a better idea/proposal....dustin73
Jun 8, 2002 10:06 AM
how about....

we go a day without having a post concerning PB.CA

nah, that wouldn't happen.
everyone in this thread...DougSloan
Jun 10, 2002 5:26 AM