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It's getting hot in Texas(18 posts)

It's getting hot in Texasrideslikeagirl
Jun 7, 2002 1:36 PM
Seems like spyderman and I were on the same wavelenth...

I just sent this to the KPRC channel listed on The Village idiots website.

What about enlisting the help of some high profile cyclists? It being Texas, and all, seems like good ol' LA would take an interest.

I think I'll stoll over to OLN's website to check on Bobke and anyone else I can find.

This is absolutely outrageous!!!

Dear KPRC:

Your link is listed on The Villager's website. I wanted to bring to your attention, an article posted yesterday and defended today by the editor.

Nationwide, cyclists are up in arms about this article and have had no luck in communicating this outrage to The Villager. Such an irresponsible position, whether or not meant to be 'tongue in cheek' has no business getting widespread publication.

To suggest that cyclists should be taught a lesson by inflicting bodily harm is not and could never be humorous.

Please view the article here:

I am sure you will see why this is causing a commotion in the cycling community.

Thank you for your time and interest.
Quick response - for what it's worth...rideslikeagirl
Jun 7, 2002 1:42 PM
"Thanks for letting me hear from you. I will forward your concerns to
editor of the Houston Community Newspapers which published the
Steve Wasserman"
Quick response - for what it's worth...Tig
Jun 7, 2002 2:09 PM
Steve Wasserman pushed the story behind the Houston Mayor wanting to move the PGA stop from a private course to a municipal course. The problem was that it would close down sections of a wide, closed loop (nick named the "Fruit Loop!) within Memorial Park that cyclists ride on during evenings after work. Construction of parking lots and driving ranges would wipe out tennis courts and some really cool MTB trails as well. It appeared that the Mayor was on the take. Enough publicity pressured the city counsel to drop the idea before deadline was passed.

Riding in The Woodlands is usually a pleasure, but I'm on the other side of town. There used to be some great road races there in the past, but the area has been built up too much now.
Oh, you're right. The temp is 91 w/a heat index of 103 now! -nmTig
Jun 7, 2002 2:13 PM
Yuck! No wonder she's a cranky so and so... nmrideslikeagirl
Jun 7, 2002 2:23 PM
Quick response - for what it's worth...Doc
Jun 7, 2002 2:24 PM
I used to ride with a friend who lived there. It's changed a lot since then. Like you say: built up. Now Clear Lake is expanding.
Urban sprawl!Tig
Jun 7, 2002 2:36 PM
I moved from the west side to the Clear Lake area in '78 and have seen far too much growth for my likings. Thousands of houses and businesses have poped up, choking the area. The good part is some of the roads have widened significantly, and some have useable bike lanes (no runners, too!). We have to ride further and further away to find good country roads than just a few years ago. Sorry to whine, but it hit a nerve. It is still one of the nicest places in the area to live, but I'd choose the country if I could.
Urban sprawl!Doc
Jun 8, 2002 6:17 AM
I agree 100%. I ride with just a couple of guys and we tend to ride towards the monument. I can't bring myself to ride across the freeway. Evenings I do Ellington, which gets rather boring.
Good shot RLG! Could you post the KPRC email addy.spyderman
Jun 7, 2002 4:06 PM
After diggin' through those other sites I just had to go fur a ride.

Great idea about emailing KPRC, here's mineRickMTB
Jun 7, 2002 2:18 PM
Dear KPRC,

Yesterday, a columnist at (The Woodlands) Villager newspaper contributed a column that has angered bicyclists locally and nation-wide. The reason I write to you is that your web site is linked to the newspaper's web site. I have linked that web site, which contains both the original column and the newspaper's editor's callous response to the many emails, letters, faxes, and phone calls of complaint.

While the newspaper now attempts to justify the article in question as "tongue-in-cheek" and a writer's effort to "blow off steam", a newspaper even suggesting that motorists shoot cyclists with water or paintballs, or swing open car doors at moving cyclists, is irresponsible at the very least and may actually open up the possibility of civil or even criminal liability. Cyclists are both protected and bound by the same laws as any other user of the roads. While there are certainly a small percentage of cyclists that disobey traffic laws, that doesn't justify harassment or physical assault by motorists. Just as there would not be justification of motorists veering towards jaywalkers just so they "can laugh about it" or "blow off steam."

Again, the cycling community fully understands both the importance of obeying the law and rider safety; unfortunately, too many cyclists have already been the victims of motorists' verbal and physical assaults, "doorings" and worse. I would hope that you might be able to help speak out against irresponsible journalism demonstrated by The Villager and help support safe cycling here in the Houston area.

I think the local guys should get involved:rideslikeagirl
Jun 7, 2002 2:21 PM
This is from The Woodlands Community Directory. I e-mailed the only shop with an address listed.

Bike Source
Cochran's Crossing Village Center
281 367-9495

Bikes 2 Ride
We specialize in recumbent bikes.
I-45 Northbound Frontage Road
281 419-6200 email us

Freewheel Sports Shop
I-45 Northbound Frontage Road
281 298-8188

Woodlands Bicycle Center
One Grogan's Square
281 363-0730
I think the local guys should get involved:RickMTB
Jun 7, 2002 2:58 PM
The guys at Woodlands Bicycle Center are probably already on top of this... I posted the article to The Woodlands Cycling club already and I know Michael (show owner) is pretty involved with WCC.

Still, its a good idea to get bike shops (and local cycling companies if there are any in your community). I used to be involved in MTB advocacy in California and we tried to enourage the local shops to be involved as well as the local companies like Bontrager, Ritchey, Specialized, and Rock Shox. Ultimately its in their best interest to support local and national issues...
Just sent a note to Cyclingnews.comspyderman
Jun 7, 2002 4:28 PM
Let's see if they'll touch it...
I think I see an American Express banner on their site... nmspyderman
Jun 7, 2002 4:55 PM
Jun 7, 2002 7:04 PM
Oooooh yea, good idea. (That's sarcasm for those of you who fail to see it.)

Like any gives that much of a damn. get a life, seriously.
Jun 7, 2002 7:05 PM
Oooooh yea, good idea. (That's sarcasm for those of you who fail to see it.)

Like anyone gives that much of a damn. Get a life, seriously.
chump. nmnamir in SoCal
Jun 7, 2002 7:55 PM
have y'all seen the response from the editor?dustin73
Jun 8, 2002 1:15 PM
An article printed in The Villager on June 6, 2002 by Wendy Crooks recently drew local and national attention from cyclists who mistook Mrs. Crooks' intentions in the article. Neither The Villager nor Mrs. Crooks condone violence in any form against cyclists, joggers or anyone else. In fact, in reading the article in its entirety, readers will find that Mrs. Crooks goes on to state "Not that I condone any of these forms of retaliation. It does, however, make it a bit more bearable to share the road with these people when you can laugh about it." Rather, Mrs. Crooks' intention in the column was to blow off steam in a tongue-in-cheek manner, and the staff of The Villager asks that you read the article in its entirety before forming an opinion. Reading the article in its entirety, rather than simply reading a selection out of context or relying on word of mouth, makes that point rather clear. For the past several months, Mrs. Crooks has contributed humorous, personal columns, and her latest offering was no different.

that's a weird tongue-in-cheek article...can we tongue-in-cheek joke about slashing her tires?