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Looking for recommendations in the 1500-1600 range...(3 posts)

Looking for recommendations in the 1500-1600 range...cyclejim
Jun 7, 2002 12:55 PM
After looking at tons of bikes in my price range and not being able to come up with a bike that both fits me and rides like I want it to, I've decided I need to throw more money at the problem. The most I want to spend is 1500-1600.

I'll be riding mainly short to med distance rides during the week (1hr or less) with med to long rides on the weekends (2-4 hrs) on mostly flat to small rolling hills. I probably will not be doing a ton of climbing except on rare occasions.

I do not plan to race right now, but could see myself entering a few races just for fun. This will mostly be an all-around kind of bike, but I do like to ride fast and am a very avid mtn and road rider & have been riding almost 4 years now.

Oh- I'm also tall 6'2 1/2, with a 35.5 inseam.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.
re: Looking for recommendations in the 1500-1600 range...filtersweep
Jun 7, 2002 4:09 PM
Flame away, but that 2002 Trek 2200 with a mix of Ultegra and 105 looks pretty appetizing for an aluminum bike, if you can handle something that says "trek" on it. It doesn't have the boutique factor that a lot of other bikes have, but there is nice bang for the buck. If you see yourself "entering a few races" you probably won't want steel...
Check out Sampsonsports.comMel Erickson
Jun 7, 2002 4:45 PM
Click on Specials then Hot Deals. Full Dura Ace (except the BB) for $1500-$1600. 7005 alu frame, s-bend stays. Looks like just the ticket for what you describe.