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Viewing the Tour de France Team TT(2 posts)

Viewing the Tour de France Team TTmciii
Jun 7, 2002 4:47 AM
I will be in Europe during the TDF and would like to see the TTT. Can anyone tell me the nuances of watching the event?
Jun 7, 2002 6:39 AM
Well, it starts in Epernay. I'd suggest you go there, go down to Moet-Chandon, take the tour, then refuse to leave the tasting room at the end. Keep asking serious questions, such as "Was this Dom Perignon guy really a monk?" and "How can I get a job rotating bottles in the caves?" and "Did the Dom really say "Come quickly! I'm drinking stars!" Meanwhile, keep passing your glass back and get all the good champagne you can drink. They've got to have a TV!

If I were there I would probably go down and stand on the side of the road to see the riders come by. Whoosh! A few seconds of thrills, then it's over. For your basic road stage, it almost doesn't seem worth it (although I'd still do it). At least in the TTT, you'll get to see that 21 times. As long as the beer and sandwiches hold out, it could be fun. For actually following the race and its nuances, you're better off with a TV. Then find a way to watch a mountain stage in person. That's where you'll really experience the race.