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mtb pedals/shoes vs. road(7 posts)

mtb pedals/shoes vs. roadJay18
Jun 6, 2002 2:10 PM
What is the difference between clipless pedals and shoes that are advertised for mountain bike use vs. those for road. The mtb stuff seems generally to be heavier and sturdier. You probably wouldn't want to use the road pedals/shoes on a mountain bike, but is there any reason (other than weight) not to use the mtb stuff on a road bike.

re: mtb pedals/shoes vs. roadjtolleson
Jun 6, 2002 2:22 PM
IMO, no good reason (other than weight) not to use mt shoes on a road bike, generally. It does narrow your pedal options to ATB pedals (SPDs, Time ATACS, Speedplay Frogs, Eggbeaters).

Some used to complain that some atb shoes were not stiff enough, but now many are carbon soled. Some are the exact same shoe as the road shoe, only with lugs added (Sidi Action falls into that category, as does the carbon-soled Shimano).

You gain an ease of walking, and sometimes a better price point. If you really want a Look pedal, then of course atb shoes aren't the way to go.
re: mtb pedals/shoes vs. roadStmbtDave
Jun 6, 2002 2:33 PM
I have been using mtb shoes on my road bike for years. The Ritchie Road pedal accepts a mtb cleat. It's extremely light (less than the Shimano or Campy) but unlike a mtb pedal it's only one sided. The mtb shoes are much easier to walk in and the upper end ones are plenty stiff for road riding. I read that even Andy Hampten now rides with mtb shoes! Good enough for him - good enough for mortals.

re: mtb pedals/shoes vs. roadjrm
Jun 6, 2002 2:37 PM
Road pedals have entry on one side, whereas MTB's have entry on both sides. Road shoes are lighter and the soles can be stiffer, whereas MTB shoes are heavier and the soles can be more forgiving.

I have been using MTB pedals and shoes on my road and CX bikes since i went multi discipline. For me its more cost effective then purchasing separate shoes and pedals.
re: mtb pedals/shoes vs. roadcydswipe
Jun 6, 2002 3:00 PM
I use MTB pedals on my road bike as well. I like the ease that double sided entry provides. The bottom line is: find what works best for you. Don't worry about what other riders are using. If MTB pedals and shoes work best for your feet/road bike, so be it. Have fun riding, be comfortable while doing so.
no valid reason not toweiwentg
Jun 6, 2002 4:39 PM
Sidis & egg beaters work fine for me (going to use them for cyclocross, though). the pedal/shoe combination is the same weight as my R150s + speedplay pedals, and the egg beaters themselves are not heavy. if you strongly prefer a large cleat contact area, you may be better off with road shoes and Times, Looks, or Pro-fits.
doesn't seem to work for meslow-ron
Jun 7, 2002 4:55 AM
I've been using a good pair of mountain shoes and pedals on my road bike for 3 or 4 years and I'm finally ready to give up. I too wanted to use the same shoes for all my bikes and not have to do that silly "duck walk" in road shoes. When I use the same shoes for my moutain bike I never experience any foot pain but for some reason on long road rides my feet go numb and burn. I've tried bigger shoes, stiffer soles, thick socks, thin socks, no socks, different cleat positions, tight buckles & loose buckles but nothing has worked. I finally bought a pair of road shoes last night and I'm going to ride today to see how they feel. My experience is that the small platform on SPD's doesn't work well for road bikes.