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Help buying a used bike(2 posts)

Help buying a used bikechskin
Jun 6, 2002 11:16 AM
Hello all

I am a mountain biker who wants to try road biking. My infant child and mortgage broker have forbid me to cough up for a new Trek 2200 (I am not as rich as I was back in college). Therefore, I have found a used bike store and plan to ride an older model for the year to see if I like the sport. The bikes are all a bit dusty (index shifting and the like) but they seem sturdy enough. Question: Other than a good fit, what should I look for in a used bike?

Thanks in advance.

re: Help buying a used bikeHBPat
Jun 6, 2002 11:32 AM
You have to be careful when buying a bike but you can get really good deals. If you are buying it in person that is great.

1) Check the chain and chainrings to make sure the chain is lubesd and the teeth on the chainrings are not really worn out.

2)look to see that things like the crank arms and seatpost have been greased. This may not seem important but will give you an idea of how well maintianed the bike was. If there is no grease anywhere it probably wasn't maintained very well.

3) Check to see that the cables look new. Most used bike shops will install new cables when they tune the bike.

4) Look for rust on the bolts (sten, crank, etc.) and the frame. Don't buy stuff with rust.

5) Make sure you test ride it on a ride a little longer than just out in the parking lot. That will be the most important thing.

I would also ask if they include any kind of service or replacement parts if anything should brake. Good luck.