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hrm(3 posts)

Jun 6, 2002 11:15 AM
i've got a cateye astrale - m.p.h and cadence

but looking to train with a heart monitor. either i could invest in a sufficient model like the supergo version or higher end like polar.

i like the polar line of hrm's, but which one would be suitable for me, considering i already have a bike computer with cadence and speed.

is the interval feature of the polar s-series such a great feature?

Jun 6, 2002 11:21 AM
Before I start I'll say I have the Polar S710 which I love. It has altitude speed and cadence with an optional power addon they are coming out with at a later date. The S210 is just a version without all the bells and whistles but it has a couple very nice features that I love. Here they are:

1) VO2 max test - this is great see how your progressing with your training and is a lot more functional in my opinion than your resting heart rate just because you can directly correlate it to endurance.
2) Max heart rate test - done in conjunction with the VO2 max test this estimates your max heart rate so you can plan your workouts more concisely at exactly 60% of your heart rate for an aerobic ride. Instead of the 220-age which can be off by a couple percent.
3) Both these tests are done in under 5 minutes. You lay down start the test and boom 3-5 minutes later you got your results.
4) Polar quality - Polar products are backed by a ton of scientific testing and they stand behind their products better than anyone else I know of. My strap started to come apart... I got a new one right away.

Hope this helps. By the way I'd like to point out I am a coach and am willing to coach anyone who's interested for whatever you feel I'm worth. My email is .

Nick Corcoran
Depends on what you will use it forDCP
Jun 6, 2002 2:14 PM
I did not buy an expensive HRM (not a polar), but it does have some features. After about six months, I stopped using any of the features. I just look at my heart rate and the timer while I am riding.

I do not race, and that probably has a lot to do with just wanting basic information. I do find having a HRM very useful.

I understand that Polar batteries cannot be (or are not supposed to be) changed by the user. But then I suppose that a Polar will likely outlive my no name one.