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Campy 10 speed chain - help needed(11 posts)

Campy 10 speed chain - help neededMJ
Jun 5, 2002 9:08 AM
So last weekend as part of my subject rather than citizen jubilee celebrations I rode the coast to coast

here'a link to the route

despite lots of rain the first and second days were great

out of Whitehaven and through the Lake District to Penrith -the second day from Penrith to Stanhope should have been great - but outside of Nenthead my Campy 10 speed chain (Daytona kit - maybe 5000 miles in the past year) broke going uphill

I had the tools to fix anything but a broken (Campy) chain (so yes I learned that the hard way) - I used my chain breaker to take a link out and patch it back together hoping to finish the last 15 miles of the day (and maybe the trip) - it held until just below the summit of the highest point on the route outside of Allenhead - I coasted down to Allenhead and hitched a ride from a helpful Baptist church group from the East End of London

anyways - I have the chain at home with a now second broken link and have a few questions:

1. should I just get a new chain
2. can the chain I have be repaired with the Campy permalink
3. the permalink that exploded said EXP on the side rather than C-10
4. I've read here the special Campy chain tool is expensive - any suggestions re this?
5. anything else I should know about Campy 10 speed chains?

FWIW - my mate finished the ride and said the third (and final day) paled in comparison to the first two days - it's a great trip to do - but he reckons next time he would avoid Sunderland (not very surprising if anybody has ever been there...)
re: Campy 10 speed chain - help neededmixinbeatz
Jun 5, 2002 9:16 AM
If you have 5000 miles on the chain, I would change it. I change mine every 3000 miles or so, and it seems to eliminate broken chains, and keeps the drivetrain in good shape.
other optionstarwheel
Jun 5, 2002 11:12 AM
I would try out the new Wipperman 10-speed chain if you can get one. If not, get the C-10 chain and install with a removeable link like the Wipperman (Connex). The C-10 chain works fine, but the permalink and special chain tool are a joke. I have been using the Wipperman 10 nickel chain for about 500 miles now with good results. It is very easy to install and cost less than $30 at C-10 compatible superlinks are available at a number of places, including, and
re: Campy 10 speed chain - help neededBikez
Jun 5, 2002 11:39 AM
Wow! 5000 miles on ONE 10sp chain, never would've thought that possible! Aftr that much mileage you should get a new chain, and don't bother w/ repairing the old one! Also check your rings/cassette for wear as well, otherwise you could be damaging the new chain on the worn drivetrain, and will lead to sloppy shifting as well.
I'm using a 10sp Campy chain w/ a superlink, and after 400km, no problems. I have also heard some good things about the wipperman stainless chain w/ connex link, and as soon as my current chain goes, I will be trying a wipperman!
Also get a chain checker from Park, or Rohloff, so you can keep an eye on chain stretch!
You can borrow mineboneman
Jun 5, 2002 1:28 PM
1. should I just get a new chain

At 5,000 miles the answer is probably yes,

2. can the chain I have be repaired with the Campy permalink

Yes but you're limited to 3?? per chain and at their cost, hardly worth the price.

3. the permalink that exploded said EXP on the side rather than C-10

Ummmmm.....this would require looking at a Perma Link after visiting the local. Got it, that's the plate which is then riveted using the tool. Not the one to which the rivets are permanently attached. No surprise I guess.

4. I've read here the special Campy chain tool is expensive - any suggestions re this?

Yes, I'm in London (W8 near Ken High tube station) and you can borrow mine. Leave an email address and we can get it sorted.

5. anything else I should know about Campy 10 speed chains?

Well, I haven't seen many of these options people talk about Stateside but I generally change at about 5,000 miles and the Campy chain seems fine but then again, I've not broken my chain up in God's country, the Lake District.

I'm out of town from early Thursday AM until Tuesday AM but if you want to borrow the chain tool, let me know.
re: Campy 10 speed chain - help neededGregJ
Jun 5, 2002 2:24 PM
You should get a new chain, at 5k the chain is probably overly elongated, or will be soon. You should also learn how to use a chain tool properly, many folks are opening and closing C10 chains with no problems, self included, I do use a nice shop quality tool. Perma-links suck, if you don't want to close the chain in the old fashioned manner, there are other options, as listed above.
re: Campy 10 speed chain - help neededMJ
Jun 6, 2002 4:47 AM

I will get a new chain the cassettes look ok but I'll take note of any shifting problems that may arise from wear

I'm fairly competent with chain breaking for shimano gear - is there a different approach for Campy stuff that I need to pick up?

I understood that if a campy chain is broken you must have a campy link to put back in - and that riding on a campy chain where you haven't used the special links is riding on borrowed time
new chain, no permalink....C-40
Jun 5, 2002 3:15 PM
Obviously you should get a new chain. A broken one with 5000 miles on it is junk.

Campy has a new chain out that uses another connector link that requires another new tool, totally unlike the expensive one used to install the permalink. If you choose to get a campy chain, let a shop install it or borrow the tool.

I suggest buying a Wipperman 10 speed chain which has a "connex" connector link that requires no tools and is reuseable. The chain is available in a nickel plated steel model or a much more expensive stainless steel model. The only drawback to the Wipperman is the noise. It's not as quiet as a Campy chain. I chose to keep using a Campy chain and use a Wipperman connex link to join the chain. This gives me a quiet chain that's still easy to install or remove for cleaning.
new chain, no permalink....MJ
Jun 6, 2002 4:48 AM

the Wipperman sounds good - how noisy is it (how long is a piece of string?)

how much is the tool? - what's it called?
thanks all - nmMJ
Jun 6, 2002 4:49 AM
re: Campy 10 speed chain - help neededFignons_ponytail
Jun 6, 2002 6:11 AM
Get a new C10 chain and the $5.00 (US) Wipperman connex link. The campy chain is the quietest chain and very well built. The weakness is the means to connect it. The campy permalink sucks. You could risk breaking/connecting the old way with a chain tool, but if you examine the pins of this chain carefully, you will notice that the ends have numerous little chamfered flares which aid in keeping the pin in the sideplates. Non-10 speed chains don't have this, making me hesitant to disassemble and reassemble using a chain tool. I initially used the Superlink, but I could feel it clicking through the drivetrain and it really bugged me. Switched over to the Wipperman connex link and my drivetrain runs perfectly. When it comes time to replace this chain, I'll get another C10 and another Wipperman connex link.