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How to inflate a tire 101 (no extra credit assignments)(4 posts)

How to inflate a tire 101 (no extra credit assignments)Andy
Jun 4, 2002 9:42 PM
OK... so the tire is smarter than I am, what can I say. I have a Zipp 404 front wheel and a no-name Acme disk wheel on the back of my time trial bike. I always have a #$%* of a time trying to inflate each tire to the proper rating before I ride it.

The Zipp 404 came with a valve extender. Most of the time when I attach the pump head to the valve extender I can't get the valve to open to inflate the tire. I usually spend 30 min fiddling with the valve extender loosenening it and tightening it back up etc... knocking it around before the valve will open and work properly. Is there some secret to pumping up the #$%* thing?

The disk wheel is almost as bad. Since there is only a small circular cutout in the carbon fiber to reach the valve stem, I purchased a special adapter made just for disk wheels. The adapter does not seem to be deep enough to insert the valve stem into fully. When I start pumping, most of the air just leaks out of the pump head.

This is a crock of #$%*. It can't be that hard to inflate a stinking tire. Anybody need a time trial bike real cheap?
Valve extender Pros and Cons...biknben
Jun 5, 2002 5:20 AM
I have a pair of deep section rims also. I began using the valve extenders that came with the wheels. I left the pesta valve open and screwed on the extender with some teflon tape (plumbers tape @ home depot) to seal the threads. I often had problems gettign a tight fit and think that in a couple of occasions the presta valve closed as I screwed on the extender. Yeah, it is sometimes a pain in the arse.

I eventually bought a pair of Vittoria valve exteders. These are different. You unscrew and remove the existing valve core. You screw in the Vittoria extender and then put the core on the end of the extender. It extends the shaft of the valve while keeping the valve core at the end.

Now your disk wheel? That's another issue. I would try different adapters until you find something that works. Disk wheel adapters seems pretty scarse but give the Silica head a try if that's not what you have now.
re: Longer stems?Chen2
Jun 5, 2002 8:58 AM
If your wheels are clinchers could you no solve the problem with longer stem tubes? They are available in 60mm and 80mm, I'm sure, and maybe other long lengths too. I use 60mm stem tubes on wheels with 57mm profiles. I think the Zipp 404's are 58mm, so the 60's may not be long enough. Go 80's?
Tufo Jet 26" SpecialAndy
Jun 5, 2002 8:06 PM
I'm using the Tufo tubulars. I will try the new valve extenders listed above.