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SS road cruise -- i'm bit(3 posts)

SS road cruise -- i'm bitp chop
Jun 4, 2002 9:19 PM
well i took my winter commuter, an atb that was really a little too stalwart for actual off-road use, and stipped down from it racks, fenders, plastic commuter doo-dad holders, grease, grime and finally gears. it cleaned up nice; some conti avenues help it roll pretty fast for what it is, and with some 45-21 gears it's now been the in-towner. the new vista appeared, though, when i finally took it out of town. i left the lite rig behind, and embarked on what was like an outdoor spinning class, with intervals. the pedals were 80's deore, thouth; no clips or straps. downhill, nothing but precisely pressing down on the right place to keep feet on the pedals at ?? rpm (maybe 120). early on i thought, man for a ride through rolling hills i should just go get my frogs on here, but i was too lazy to turn around and just went with it. i did let the cassete spin free down the two really longer downhills. uphill was a little mash, but this bike turns out to be a more comfortable standing climber than my 39-27-low road bike. it was a cool surprise how big a range of terrain you could do with no other gear but just huge variation in cadence -- usually the opposite of how i would try to ride. probly didn't look too cool, coming down the road on sort of a mountian bike with legs spinning around way too fast, but whatever. it did make me faster up the hills, for sure. and the next day, my aches told me too. in a gratifying way. all this only added to the pleasure of tooling along through the trees in quiet direct-drive. i must do this some more.
re: SS road cruise -- i'm bitxxl
Jun 5, 2002 3:17 PM
Intriguing, as I too am considering the SS thing. I'm confused, though, by your post. You mentioned letting the cassette spin free down some hills, but then refer to "direct drive"; were you on a fixte, or did you put a BMX freewheel on an old wheel?
SS cassettep chop
Jun 5, 2002 3:56 PM
I put an old Shimano cassette cog (twisted teeth, before the advent of ramps) on the cassette body with a bunch of spacers. By 'direct drive,' I just meant no derailer, etc. So not a fixte, indeed. Maybe that'll be next, now that this project finally worked. With a little bit better frame, that is.

Are you considering a buying a fixed gear or SS bike?

If you're thinking of doing a conversion, I've recently dug up a bunch of resources and gotten a lot of good advice in the course of doing mine, so I'll pass along anything useful to you.