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cleaning steel frames...what do you use?(7 posts)

cleaning steel frames...what do you use?Zaggy
Jun 4, 2002 6:35 PM
Having just recieved a custom steel frame it is time to take better care of it than I have taken with my other bicycles. How does everyone clean their steel bicycles(short of breaking them down)? Especially the little area between the frame and chainrings? Is lemon pledge reserved for ti? Any thoughts or ramblings are appreciated...
"Any thoughts or ramblings are appreciated..."Ahimsa
Jun 4, 2002 7:07 PM
Okay then....

Ever notice how house flies seem perfectly capable of getting INTO the house, but are completely inept when it comes to EXITING?

What is this phenomena?

I can't imagine that a creature so adept at finding even the tiniest holes in the screen door can't manage an escape route. They buzz around the window pane like it's made of dung once they are inside, but I never see them loitering OUTSIDE the window looking to get in.


My mate Reg thinks flies are bio engineered now with microscopic government cameras, and so he keeps flypaper stuck all over the bloody place at his flat. It's funny cause he never changes the things out, just adds more of them to the forest of stalagtite strips that cover the ceiling. Like a hanging mausoleum for unsuspecting insects.

I haven't the heart to point out that the strips would do nothing to prevent the cameras from continuing to watch him. I'm afraid he'd finally crack.


"Any thoughts or ramblings are appreciated..."flying
Jun 4, 2002 9:50 PM
"Ever notice how house flies seem perfectly capable of getting INTO "

Yup I have noticed that.
What I have always wondered & never really figured out though is.....
When a fly circles indoors & goes to land upside down
(of course) on the ceiling... Does he do a half roll or a half loop?

As for the frame polish I use a great spray made by Honda.
It is only sold at Honda Motorcycle dealers. It is cheap & the best!!
"Any thoughts or ramblings are appreciated..."SnowBlind
Jun 4, 2002 9:58 PM
Half roll, definitely.
Oh, and I just use a clear coat safe car wash on my custom steel, just in case anyone cared.
re: cleaning steel frames...what do you use?grandemamou
Jun 5, 2002 4:34 AM
I don't use water on any of my frames regardless of material. With a road bike it's really not necessary. Water has a way of ending up and settling in places you don't want it to.

I only use lemon pledge.
re: cleaning steel frames...what do you use?garhead
Jun 5, 2002 7:21 AM
My LBS recommends WD40.
re: cleaning steel frames...what do you use?DINOSAUR
Jun 5, 2002 9:59 AM
I use the same thing that I use on my Klein, good old Simple Green, a good wipe down after every ride. I also keep a good coat of wax on the frame, especially the tt...I touch up once and a while with Pledge, but I think automotive wax does a better job of protecting the finish..
I buy paper "Shop Towels" in bulk and use a couple to clean the bike, one for the chain....