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Advice Please - Bike suggestions(12 posts)

Advice Please - Bike suggestionsmtncranker
Jun 4, 2002 12:14 PM
I've been riding an old C-dale R500 for years, and it's time for a new bike. My favorite type of ride tends to be long - century-type (often unsupported), with plenty of hills/mountains. With my aged and abused knees, I need something that will handle a triple crank (don't bother trying to convince me otherwise - it's past praying for). Comfort, efficiency, durability. I don't trust carbon.

My local LBS handles Litespeed, Trek, C-dale.

Recommendations? Either specific models or general type appreciated. Thanks!
re: Advice Please - Bike suggestionslaffeaux
Jun 4, 2002 12:21 PM
SInce your LBS carries Trek, ask if they can get you a Lemond, or if the TT is long than maybe a Klein. Kleins are much more forgiving than the Trek AL frame.
re: Advice Please - Bike suggestionsmtncranker
Jun 4, 2002 12:53 PM
Lemond - they have a steel frame bike, right? Is that what you're thinking of? I haven't seen one there, but they perhaps they could order it.

Problems with a "long" Lemond TT?
re: Advice Please - Bike suggestionslaffeaux
Jun 4, 2002 1:43 PM
Lemonds are extremely comfortable, and Lemond is owned by Trek so possibly your LBS can get them. They are steel, and the geometry is designed to be comfortable but fast. They are longer in the TT than most, so if you happen to have long legs and a short torso, they're not the bike for you.
re: Advice Please - Bike suggestionsjtolleson
Jun 4, 2002 12:31 PM
You didn't tell your budget, but for the kind of riding you are doing, it is hard not to think about a Litespeed, either the Classic or the Tuscany, built up with an Ultegra (or Dura Ace if you want to be more spendy) triple.

You seem to keep bikes for a long time, so that bombproof ti and a finish that never chips or peels.

Otherwise, if your Trek dealer also handles Lemond, 'tis true that the Zurich has made many a century rider very very happy.

Bringing my own biases to the table, I'd never recommend an aluminum bike to a rider whose primary interest is long distance. I know that is an imperfect overgeneralization, but you sound tailor-made for Ti or Steel.
budget, metals, typesmtncranker
Jun 4, 2002 12:50 PM
Sorry - budget isn't a big concern, say up to Ultegra. And no, I don't want aluminum. The old C-dale is a lesson in pain on long rides. I'm thinking either steel or ti -

Someone suggested that I look at Litespeed Blue Ridge, a touring bike, because of the long rides. I'm not sure about that - I like the handling of the C-dale, just not the ultra-rigid (vertical) characteristic of the rear. But I'm not real sure of just what the handling differences would be, in real terms.
re: Advice Please - Bike suggestionsJuanmoretime
Jun 4, 2002 12:57 PM
Sound like you want to be kind to that abused and aging body, me too! Go Litespeed. A Tuscany or a Arensberg will handle a triple crank. I have a sub 17 lb Arensberg and love it. It's Litepseeds low end bike but the finish weight geometry is everything that I need. If you are looking at the Arensberg, go to and look at the Macalu ti, you can pick one up full Dura Ace for $2500 and I'm sure upgrading to a triple won't be that much more. Oh yah, the Macalu is an Arensberg made by Litespeed for Excel under their house label.
Try out the Trek 5200 -5500texfan
Jun 4, 2002 1:07 PM
I am somewhat biased in that I have just ordered a Trek framset (I will not bore you with my sad tale about that. It is posted below). The roads in my neck of the woods are unbelievably bad. I too had been riding an old C'dale (2.8). Test rode many bikes and I found the carbon Treks to be very comfortable. I guess that is evident in that I am buying one.

In terms of durability, for what it is worth, the Treks have life time warranties. Also take a look at A humorous web page where they attempt to destroy a Trek frame. Caveat, they sell Trek frames and really push them. So they do have an agenda.

If you can, give one a spin.
Have fun


re: Advice Please - Bike suggestionsmwood
Jun 4, 2002 1:43 PM
It sounds like a steel, not superlight (19-20lbs.), frame with semi-laid back geometry and an Ultegra triple group would be perfect...I second (or third) the Lemond Zurich option. I rode one on Saturday (so my buddy could try my bike) and was reminded of how very smooth and quiet the bike is, besides being pretty fun and a good climber.
re: Advice Please - Bike suggestionsNo_sprint
Jun 4, 2002 1:45 PM
Land Shark, Sachs.
How About a GTJOM
Jun 4, 2002 1:49 PM
Check out the Team Lotto frame by GT at For $400 where else can you get a Tour de France frameset?
How about a Look 281?akjohn
Jun 5, 2002 8:39 AM
I recently replaced my old road bike with a Look 281 frame built up with an Ultegra triple. Even though my old bike was steel, the 281 carbon frame is still soooooo much more comfortable. If you can find one of these frames in your size you may want to consider picking one up.