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Abici Update(2 posts)

Abici UpdatePatM
Jun 4, 2002 11:29 AM
Well after a few phone calls and emails to abici Clark called me and was very apologetic about the whole situation. He was in Canada and had no way to reply to the support emails, and they were closed down last week. Well he checked with the warehouse and they could not find out what happened to the order. He said give him an hour to check some more and he would call me back, which he did in one hour. Since they could not figure out what happened to the order he was going to overnight the order to me so I would have it today.
Well when I got home last night there was a box from abici with all my stuff - he even got the change I requested. One problem - my wife called me this morning and said another box was delivered about the same size/weight as yesterdays - oops. So I guess the real problem is that he needs to straighten out his warehouse/shipping department. I guess in this world of online ordering and high speed delivery times none of us are willing to expect anything short of package information.
Anyone in the market for a ultegra build kit cheap ? - Just Kidding !! I will do the right thing and mail it back to him.
Would I recommend abici to someone ? If your lead time is more than 4 weeks yeah, if not consider someone else. They do have the best prices for Shimano stuff around, and even with sending the duplicate back to him I would be saving a lot. Considering I got a Thomson seat post for $30 a Terry Fly for $60 and a deda 215 bar for $46. Would I buy from them again ? - yeah it might take some time and some more patience. Oh well, hope this helps someone else down the road
my updateweiwentg
Jun 4, 2002 11:31 AM
my stuff got here - they didn't write my apartment number down. and they left out my stem, and my shifters! and they gave me pro races instead of cyclocross tires. sigh.
clark said he'd overnight the balance to me, though. hope they come through.
would I deal with them again? possibly, but I'd have to remember to exercise patience. wisecyclebuys seems to have groupset prices quite close to theirs.