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MTB race on Sunday, sore hand, broken collarbone (vent)(4 posts)

MTB race on Sunday, sore hand, broken collarbone (vent)tronracer
Jun 4, 2002 10:26 AM
The race was a fast couse, 3 lap, 5 mile laps mtb course in Sewell NJ. The first lap I was in the top ten, I felt great that day, prepared for it nutritionally, mentally and physically. In the first lap, a much larger guy than myself tried to pass unsuccessfully while going over an obstacle and subsequently fell on top of me. I didn't have enough time time to unclip, and crashed. Scraped knees and legs, no big deal, but my left palm was swollen and black and blue. My hands are pretty tough for the smaller guy that I am, but I could not hold on to the handlebars and use the brake with all the vibrations reminding me of the pain in my hand. So I decided I was going to take it easy and at least finish the race going slow enough that I could handle the bike and not crash again. I felt like such heel when my friends in different classes were cheering me on even though I knew how lousy I was doing in the race.

So I'm feeling pretty good at the end of the race that I didn't quit and my friend tells me, "Tim broke his collarbone, he just left to drive himself to the hospital." I checked the race site today and he got 7th place!! Pretty good for a broken collarbone, (unlike tyler? which is more painful?)but I don't know when in the race it happened. I felt like a p*ssy that I didn't do better.

Just wanted to share.
I know this is the road forum, but I like you guys better than the mtb threads.
Jun 4, 2002 10:28 AM
get well soon, and tell your friend the same. at least he was still able to ride the bike - he should be able to ride (as in, ride semi-safely) within a month or less. how do I know? mine got better in 6 weeks, and it was broken in 2 places. and I couldn't even get off the ground.
thanks for sharing...AllisonHayes
Jun 4, 2002 11:06 AM
Who is to say who is the king of the lions when you are all fighting together in the trenches and each emerges with a battlewound. You all deserve purple hearts.

Nice story! And no, you're not a p*ssy.
Good old Gloucester CC race...biknben
Jun 4, 2002 11:42 AM
I passed on that one this year. My worst race last year was at Sewell and it brought on a mid-season funk that lasted till September.

That's what you get for letting some fat guy pass you! Just kidding of course.

I've got all the NJ series races on my schedule. The MAC super series races go too far South for me.