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how can there so many fast fat guys(13 posts)

how can there so many fast fat guysohmk1
Jun 4, 2002 9:26 AM
Have you ever encountered these fast fat dudes than can ride like hell? How do they do it? Imagine if they were thinner how fast they'd be.
It brings to mind the humble bumble bee. The bee, engineering wise should be impossible to fly. Big body, tiny wings-but not only does it fly, it zooms!!!
What the dealio fatbodies? What's your secret?
let's redefine fast.....bob_vanderhaus
Jun 4, 2002 9:50 AM
I think that if you started training really hard or racing, you would find that it is very hard to be fat and fast. I have never even seen a fast fat Cat 5 but I am sure they are out there. There is a HUGE difference between fast on a recreational century and a fast race. If you train enough, it is impossible to be fat, when I started racing I lost 45 pounds in my first year, and I wasn't that big to begin with!
define fat and fast (nm)ColnagoFE
Jun 4, 2002 9:52 AM
what's a little layer of fat between friends?Ravik
Jun 4, 2002 10:10 AM
I played college football and ran across a number of
"fat guys" who could run me down from behind, and I
wasn't slow. You have to remember that not everyone carries
the same genes (OK, mostly we do, but we don't
express them the same way).
Fat doesn't mean devoid of quick-twitch muscle fiber,
nor does being skinny mean you're going to have built -
n speed.
And, there may be an awful lot of muscle lurking
under that beer belly!
a little love from the original Fat Chicklonefrontranger
Jun 4, 2002 10:19 AM
That big wide @ss just happens to be my power plant baby! I may climb like a cast-iron skillet but put me in a flat criterium (short, fast, sprint out of every corner) and watch how all the skinny ones get dropped.

I may be fat but I'm ahead of you!
"...climb like a cast-iron skillet..." LOL!! You 1 funny girl nmRhodyRider
Jun 4, 2002 10:41 AM
re: how can there so many fast fat guysDragon33
Jun 4, 2002 10:26 AM
The guys I ride with all give me a hard time about being over weight maybe 15-20lbs. Guess what? I do my fair share of pulling and when the sprint comes let's see who can catch me at 40mph!! Muscle and proper form go a long way.
re: how can there so many fast fat guysmixinbeatz
Jun 4, 2002 10:39 AM
I think we are getting fat and naturally large confused. We must remember that 180 pounds at 6 ft is "overweight" for a racer and skinny to everyone else. If you are hanging with the pack in a crit and outsprinting most of the field, you are not the same kind of "fat," fast rider you will find in your local century with a post ride beer garden and pizza feed.
Body Comparisoncurtis
Jun 4, 2002 10:37 AM
Well, I may be a few pounds over, but my calves are bigger than your thighs and my thighs are bigger than your waist. Need that extra strength just to get my fat ass around ;)
Learned to keep up when we were even fatter - nmdzrider
Jun 4, 2002 11:11 AM
Don't care...I just want to draft them...(nm)biknben
Jun 4, 2002 11:48 AM
I said no message!!!
The faster we ride, the futher we leave fat chicks behind!(NM)James
Jun 4, 2002 9:27 PM
re: how can there so many fast fat guysjustina
Jun 5, 2002 5:34 AM
The bigger/fatter rider develops more absolute power from hauling around that big rig all day. You can be fat and very fit cardiovascularly, just put in more than you burn. Drop this fit heavy rider on the flat and look out, as long as they don't have to do a lot of accelerations or climbs they'll roast you. Power to weight ratio only helps climbing and acceleration, not steady cruising.