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colorado group ride suggestions(3 posts)

colorado group ride suggestionsmclamb6
Jun 4, 2002 6:43 AM
hi all, i am looking for a weekly or bi-weekly group ride in the boulder/front range area. something that isn't too advanced. my fitness level is decent(56 miles at 21 mph in a recent tri), but i have zero experience in pack riding, so please factor that in when making suggestions. thanks in advance.

ps. i know this is not the best forum for this question, but it seems to get the most traffic.
check the health clubsColnagoFE
Jun 4, 2002 7:23 AM
Some of the group rides are might be too hot of a pace for you. I know in Boulder that Flatirons Athletic club, Mountain's Edge, and RPM all offer regular group rides--most on weekends though. If you are a tri-rider make sure you remove your aero bars or at least don't use them in a paceline. If you MTB try to hook up with the
Here are a couple for youlonefrontranger
Jun 4, 2002 7:42 AM
Louisville Velo Club; open to all riders, I'd estimate it as fast touring / moderate race pace with a very friendly racing club who are about the furthest from being elitist roadie snob racer-boys I've found. They like to hammer but they'll also wait up for and help mentor the rookies.

This ride runs weeknights on Mondays and Thursdays leaving promptly at 6 PM from Louisville Cyclery on South Boulder Rd (near Rt. 42) This is a "modified" no-drop ride, meaning there are a couple of agreed-upon regrouping points on each ride route where the front guys will wait up for everyone. Mondays are usually a faster pace; it tends to be the "race" for anyone who didn't race over the weekend. Thursdays are supposed to be slower to accomodate their "ladies' night", but only 1 or 2 of the LVC women's team ever show up. The pace is moderate but not too ridiculous, I'd estimate 18-20 mph average at the front, with fast/slow groups splitting off after the initial warm-up. Saturday mornings at 9 AM is when the LVC "heavy hitters" go out and hammer for 3-4 hours. They often go up to Lyons or Jamestown on these routes.

The ride leader is a former racer turned ultra guy. He rides sweep and he and several others will wait for anyone regardless of how slow they're going or how much trouble they have. I'd estimate the mix as probably 60% Cat 4 (beginner level) and/or Masters racers, plus the odd elite/pro or Cat 3 (intermediate) looking for an easy tempo ride, one or two strong women racers and several fast touring / recreational / triathlete types per ride. The only caution is that if you do have a tri-type bike, don't let Terry (the ride leader) catch you riding your aerobars in the group, as this is the one thing calculated to generate a lecture. He's nice about it, but that is one of those snobby racer type things that is considered a definite hazard in a pack no matter what group you ride with. As long as you're OK with that you'll do fine.

If you're looking for an easy recovery pace ride on Monday nights, you are welcome to join the Boulder Women's Cycling Team "Estrogen Club" rides from Rallysport Health Club (29th and Valmont) at 6PM. This ride is a developmental ride open to any gender / ability. It's monitored by 4-6 members of our women's racing team, so no ne gets dropped and everyone is taken care of. As with LVC, we usually split up into a couple or even 3 groups, which I'd term "very easy" (~13 average), "easy" (~15 average) and "racer easy" (~17 average). I'm always surprised at the number of serious racer boys who show up to noodle and socialize with the ladies on these rides.

Rides to definitely avoid in Boulder would include the "Bus Stop" and "Cycle Logic" rides. These are the rides that generated the following rant from Mad Dog O'Grady in VeloNews a few years back, and he says it so much better than I ever could:

I'm not so familiar with Denver area group rides, but there are any number of posters on the board with that info.