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Ankle Position(3 posts)

Ankle Positionnewbie7828
Jun 4, 2002 1:25 AM
I'm curious about how best to position my ankles (in terms of flexion/extension) to get an efficient pedal stroke. I've read about "scraping your foot," and other methods to get a smooth pedal stroke, but how does this translate into your ankles? Do you want to keep your feet level throughout the stroke, or do you angle your toes down on the down-stroke to get better power transfer through your foot? And most of all, how do you remember to keep it up?
mixed theoriesSteveO
Jun 4, 2002 5:07 AM
some advocate keeping the foot || to the ground; others advocate 'pushing' with your heels. Still others advocate ankling. I've never heard of any mechanical advantage, though, in pointing your toes down.

like most things in life, experiement with what works best for you. Through time, practicing the motion will eliminate the need to 'remember' it.
re: Ankle Position(s)dzrider
Jun 4, 2002 5:36 AM
This is just my experience. I find that there isn't one position that works all the time. I spin differently from how I accelerate and accelerate differently from how I climb. If I'm working to maintain cadence and gear going up a short roller my legs work differently from easy spinning, climbing or accelerating.

For spinning I think of moving my knees around and keeping my feet and lower legs loose, almost limp. When I do this, my toes flex slightly towards my knees on the up stroke and point slightly on the down stroke. I don't know if this is a good way, right way, or wrong way to pedal, but I've been injury free, so I ain't worrying about it and I'm unconvinced that there is one right way for all of us.

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