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Bike Rack Advice(9 posts)

Bike Rack AdviceStuartHB
Jun 3, 2002 6:07 PM
Just purchased a Trek USPS bike. I am getting mixed
signals on the best rack type for a carbon frame.
I currently have a fork type bike rack. The LBS told
me it would be ok to use the fork rack for short distances
only. Thule only recommends fork type roof racks for carbon frames. Has anyone had any experience with this ?
I could always go the trunk/hitch method if I had to.
re: Bike Rack Advicejaybird
Jun 3, 2002 6:21 PM
Yakima recomends the same... The best option for your bike is the one that you have. I have carried carbon bikes on top of my car for hundreds of miles with no ill affect (or is it effect?) There is no reason that it should only be for short distances...

Every other way, you are going to have to clamp on the frame somewhere.
re: Bike Rack AdviceJL
Jun 3, 2002 6:46 PM
I use a fork mount Thule with my Trek OCLV. No problems on long journeys. I don't see why it should only be for short distances.

What are they recommending? The hitch?
re: Bike Rack Advicejtolleson
Jun 3, 2002 7:04 PM
I think your LBS is full of ... you know. Most high end road bikes (Even mid-range) have a carbon fork and are transported on fork mounted racks.

They obviously don't want a roof rack that mounts to the downtube...

sounds like rookie advice. A carbon fork on a fork mounted rack is STANDARD and secure, except the part where you drive into the garage with the bike on top, but that's another discussion.
Fork MountAtombomber
Jun 3, 2002 7:59 PM
Works fine with all my bikes. I even use a fork mount with my 45 pound DH bike using a 20mm adapter. If the rack can hold the pig, it can surely keep my light weight 5200 securely fastened to the roof.
re: Bike Rack AdviceScot_Gore
Jun 4, 2002 3:40 AM
I agree with all the advice above. Nothing wrong with using your fork mount and your LBS is giving you poor advice. However if your still concerned, check out the Yakima Anklebiter. It grabs the crank arm, not the frame. You can leave the front wheel on and let it do some shock absorbing while on top of the car.

my 2 cents

AnkleBiter questionhoboken_rider
Jun 4, 2002 3:51 AM
I have an anklebiter, but have worries about the give of the bike when its up there. It seems to move an awful lot in the wind and I find myself holding onto the arm of the rack through my window or sunroof. Seeing me hang onto the rack must be pretty unnerving for the drivers behind me, though I haven't had a tailgater in a while...

any thoughts on this? I was thinking about getting rid of my anklebiters and getting some fork mounts.
Not my experience...Scot_Gore
Jun 4, 2002 4:40 AM
My bike dosn't move when mounted in my Anklebiter. It seems like a very solid connection on mine.

Let go.djg
Jun 4, 2002 6:48 AM
I don't know anything about the anklebiter bike mount. But I'm pretty sure that if the thing lets go at speed you will not be able to play bike rack with your arm--I don't care what kinds of guns you have there. You might, on the other hand, beat the crap out of your arm.