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AAARGH, I Pulled the trigger too late no more framesets(3 posts)

AAARGH, I Pulled the trigger too late no more framesetstexfan
Jun 3, 2002 3:52 PM
After many moons of riding many different bikes, pouring over mags and websites, I decided on the perfect bike for me. . . a Trek 120 frameset (Abyss - a deep purple, no not the group) with Campy Chorus Groupo and Bontrager Race wheels. Totalling out at about $3k.

Well my LBS calls to order the frameset and is told, sorry no more 58s in Abyss, plenty of team colors left. Apparently, Trek comes out with the 2003 frames in mid July and have stopped producing the 2002 framesets.

Here is my dilemma, I can wait until July for the 2003 framesets (color at this time unknown) OR I can get the frameset in the Postie colors OR I can order a 5500 with Dura-Ace and nicer wheel set for approx $3600 ($600 more than the original bike)OR I can get a 5200 with Ultegrega OR I could go Project One, again spending more than I want and not being able to get the Chorus.

I am leaning towards waiting just because spending this much money I really should get exactly what I want. But the waiting really bites.

Sorry, I just had to vent. Any insight is appreciated.


other than color change I do not believe there is any difference between the 2002 and 2003 framsesets.
re: AAARGH, I Pulled the trigger too late no more framesetsGreenFan
Jun 3, 2002 4:30 PM
I waited for 8 months for my frame only because I wanted a custom paint scheme....the wait was worth it. She's beautiful =)
re: AAARGH, I Pulled the trigger too late no more framesetsszybki
Jun 3, 2002 4:45 PM
I'd wait, it's only a month or so more. Besides, the 2002's should be a little cheaper after the new models come out.