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Much longer rides.(3 posts)

Much longer rides.nn23
Jun 3, 2002 3:44 PM
Till now I had been training for my club century which had 8000+ ft of climbing. All my training emphasis was on how much I can climb in one day as climbing was my weakest area.

My simple training program for the last few weeks is as below

Tu : flat 15 miles at TT effort
Th : flat 15 miles at TT effort
Sa : Long distance ride with average 75-100 ft of climbing per mile. I started my long distance ride with 40 mi rides and ramped up by 15% each week till I reached the 100 mile 8000 ft mark.

My next aim for the season is to do a self supported ride from SFO to LA (550 miles, tailwinds, less than 2-4000 ft of climbing on any one day) in 5-7 days. I'm aiming for mid September. How should I be training differently
for this ride?

This is what I was thinking, what do you suggest?

Tu : 15 mile TT speed
Th : 15 mile TT speed
Sa: 50 miles with average 50 -75 ft climbing every mile
Su: 25 miles with average 25-50 ft climbing a mile.

Total: 105 miles a week.

I'll increase this by an average 7% each week for 10 weeks till I reach and then maintain a weekly total of 200 miles per week. I'll do SFO-LA tour 4 weeks from reaching the 200 mile mark.
Should work fine, but a couple of suggestionsKerry
Jun 3, 2002 4:37 PM
You should have no trouble going from 200 mile training weeks to consecutive 100+ mile days. You have all day to complete the 100+ miles, so just pace well, eat and drink well, take breaks, etc.

For your training, you don't mention a warmup or cool down for you 15 mile TT pace days. Both a warmup and cool down (5 miles each) would add a lot to the value you gain from those TTs. If you can't squeeze the extra 10 miles, at least consider shortening the TTs to 10 so as to include the warmup and cool down. For that matter, you don't need TT level effort training for touring distances, though it does help you build top speed. The other thing to consider is adding some recovery rides (or some other light exercise) on your off days.
re: Much longer rides.Dragon33
Jun 4, 2002 9:56 AM
I am not quite sure how only 100 - 200 miles a week can prepare you for consecutive days of long distance riding. I would think that your body would have to be acclimated to perfroming day after day on a regular basis. The other guy mentioned recovery rides and warm up, I would never take more than 1 day off per week and personally I only race maybe a handful of races per year, and 1 or 2 centuries and I put in 50+ miles on both Sat and Sun at super high effort and 30+mph speeds, then during the week I ride at least 1.5 hrs everyday except monday. So if I were you I would be training with 5hr rides on weekends and a minimum of 2 the rest of the week with only 1 rest day.

Just my thoughts, good luck and have fun!