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CouchPotatoBound.DVD(4 posts)

CouchPotatoBound.DVDMe Dot Org
Jun 3, 2002 1:20 PM
While walking a friend's dogs yesterday in a canyon, I slipped, sprained my ankle, and took a nasty fall down a hill. Unfortunately no cameras were rolling during the incident, but I do have a post-fall picture of the alleged ankle.

Less than 2 minutes after the incident, I was back on my feet, looking for one of my friend's stupid dogs, who left the scene of the accident. Ironically, the dog's name is Witness. Witness is 14 years old and deaf as a post, so yelling her name in a canyon makes you sound like a backwoods bailiff for Judge Judy.

So there I was, cut and bruised, dragging one leg behind me, asking people on the path if they had seen a blue merle Shelty. Some people were reluctant to help: I got the impression they felt the dog had gotten the better of me and that I was looking for revenge.

Fortunately, one woman took pity on me and looked up one path while I searched another. She called out that she had found the dog. Five limping minutes later I spotted them. Witness showed no signs of remorse, which I believe is indicative of the social breakdown in our canine commnunity.

Today I took my bike for a short ride. The ankle felt stiff, but I'm sure that a little time off will be better medicine.

So I have taken to my bed for the next 2 days. The local video store will be my solace ( ) while I recover with Breaking Away, The Bicycle Thief, and Bound. Bound doesn't really have too much to do with riding a bicycle, but sometimes you just have to get away from the sport to rejuvinate yourself, right?
re Looks Like a Turkey Drumstick Nmjrm
Jun 3, 2002 1:41 PM
re: CouchPotatoBound.DVDwillem72
Jun 3, 2002 3:54 PM
My physio would recommend gentle flexing of the joint, and standing still on that leg to keep the muscles activated (both activities without shoes or strapping). My mum would bake it for an hour and serve it with potatoes, pumpkin, peas and persimmon.

Get well soon.

re: CouchPotatoBound.DVDdustin73
Jun 3, 2002 8:30 PM
i did the same thing once...kinda...

it was the last hole of qualifying for some golf tournament. coach, scott, and i were on the tee box and i started jacking around...yadda yadda...sprained the hell out of my left ankle (coach and scott both thought i broke a bone 'cause they heard something snap). finished the hole out, and by the time i got to the pro shop, the bone on the outside of the ankle was the size of a tennis ball. could barely walk the next morning at the tournament, but finished in 6th after 36 holes.

anywho, i found that moving and stretching it helped me.