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Question on Cippo...(5 posts)

Question on Cippo...Slowclimber
Jun 3, 2002 12:50 PM
Why is it that Cippolini can complete the Giro and even win the last stage, but doesn't ever finish the Tour? Is it that he want's to complete the Italian tour and could care less about the Tour?

Just curious...
Jun 3, 2002 1:00 PM
The real climbing days in the Giro typically come in the last week and can be suffered through. In the Tour, you have a week of flat, mountains, a few days of flat, more mountains, a few days of flat. All in all, there are more climbing days in the Tour, and they start to happen earlier.
That's basically what I hear every year, but...Slowclimber
Jun 3, 2002 1:58 PM
I just don't see a huge difference between the two other than the mountains start a little earlier in the Tour.

The Tour is generally a shorter race overall and would seem to be a bigger stage for Cipolinni to show his stuff. Considering his personality I would think he would want to win more stages in the Tour than the Giro since he has more of a world stage to perform for. That's why I was wonering if it's more of a nationality thing or not.

My only other conclusion is that he is still a little worn out from the Giro since it's only a month or so after the Giro.

Again just rumbeling through my thoughts.

re: sponsors?cyclopathic
Jun 4, 2002 5:34 AM
between sponsors and tiffosi he has much more insentive to stay in Giro. Even so if he didn't need 2 more stage wins and he wasn't on new team he would probably quit before mountains, just like McEwen.

btw tour isn't generally shorter only this year
Jun 4, 2002 5:48 AM
That's not always true. The Giro can and has been set up in a similar fashion. The same climbs in the Alps are used in the Giro. For example, the year Garzelli won they did the Izoard and Madalena. They also ended up in the Dolomites (as they do EVERY year) to do the Marmolada and Cima Coppi. And the Dolomites are probably harder than the Alps.

The Giro has been criticized in the recent past for being too hilly but that didn't stop Cipo from finishing the Giro.

Cipo didn't finish Tours because he wanted to get home, plain and simple. If he wanted to, he could have finished.

Eddy Merckx said it best last year: Italy has the hardest climbs.