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Cadence vs HR(5 posts)

Cadence vs HRAztecs
Jun 3, 2002 7:49 AM
Just got a HRM and used it for the first time over the weekend. Noticed that for my 1.5 hour ride my average HR was 153 (my max is 178). I have been focusing on keeping my cadence within the 80-100 range (which I am suceeding at). I would like to improve my MPH (currently between 16-17). My quesiton is wont my MPH take a hit as I begin to concentrate on my HR? Will I be better long term? Anybody go through this?

Yup & Yup.Len J
Jun 3, 2002 8:50 AM
To develop cardiovascular efficiency, yyou need to build a base of miles in the endurance or aerobic zone. Friel sets this as 82% to 88% of Lactate Threshold, Carmichael sets it at 75% to 80% of Max heart rate. When you begin doing these type of miles, they feel like you are doing no work, but you are training your Aerobic system to function more efficiently. Rule of thumb is you need about 1000 miles of Aerobic work before doing serious Intervals (YMMV).

I did this for the first time this year & have either lowered the heart rate at a particular speed or raised the speed at which I achieve my LT. Two sides of the same coin.

Two cautions from your post.

1.) Avg 153 with a max of 178 means you are probably riding the majority of the time at or around LT. Do this too much & you are headed for overtraining. (See # 2 below for thoughts about Max HR)

2.) How did you determine your max HR. The 220 - your age is notoiously inaccurate (I'm 47, Observed Max is 201, LT is 179, formula would say Max is 173). Self tests are difficult & dangerous (especially the older you are). I believe that LT as a basis for HR training is better for two reasons: 1.) It is trainable (you can change your LT as you train) & 2.) It is easier & safer to determine your LT than your Max HR.

Good luck

Yup & Yup.Aztecs
Jun 3, 2002 9:41 AM
Thanks for the detailed post. I did use a formula to get my Max HR. How do you get your LT? How do you use this number and your HR monitor?

Thanks again
Jun 3, 2002 10:06 AM
I used the test out of "The Cyclists Training Bible" by Joe Freil. Do a 10 mile flat, no stop signs or lights, no wind time trial at all out effort. Look at your average heartrate for the last 20 minutes & that's a pretty good indicator of LT.

Once you have your LT then you (Again based on Freil's book) determine your zones. Then you do different types of rides (at different HR's) to develop different capabilities.

I would recommend you read one or all of the following

The cyclist's training bible, or any of the following.

All have a slightly different approach, you need to play around until you find what works for you.

It also depends on your goals. One of the things I like about Friel's approach is that, if you follow the book, he forces you to set goals, helps you determine what your limiters are in accomplishing these goals, and then based on how much time you have to train helps you develop a training program that maximizes the use of the time in overcoming your limiters.

Good luck

re: Cadence vs HRDragon33
Jun 4, 2002 10:40 AM
Believe it or not a cadence of 80 - 100 is a big spread. A cadence of just slightly higher than what you are doing will make a huge difference in heart rate (eg. if you are pushing 85rpm try a easier gear and spin 89, heart rate will drop). I understand that you can't always be in that 92-97 range or whatever it is for you, but when you can be there it will drop your HR and allow you to have power when you need it. Like the other guy said, base miles at 60-80 percent or so is the best way to improve.