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Another foot pain question...(5 posts)

Another foot pain question...JL
Jun 3, 2002 7:23 AM
Can a stiffer shoe cause foot pain on the outside of the foot? I went from Performance Primo's (their lowest model) to Sidi Genius 4's. The first pair caused me some pain on any ride and I determined they were a half-size too big.

I replaced them with the correct size and my normal mid-week rides felt great. On Saturday, I did a solo metric and started feeling some pain on the outside edge (about the middle) of my right foot, but was able to continue without a problem. When I arrived home and took off my shoes, I could barely walk. I took yesterday off because the foot was a little sore still. I moved the cleats back (after checking some archived threads here) and then road this morning and everything seemed OK (20 miles). That's my typical mid-week ride though, so I don't know that I really "tested" the cleat position.

I have pre-Pro-fit Campy pedals. They use Look cleats and right now they're as far back as I can get them on the shoe.

Could it be the insole? Can the noticably stiffer sole be causing this? Should I try a different pedal, different shoe?

Thanks for any help.

Happy riding.

re: Another foot pain question...funknuggets
Jun 3, 2002 8:10 AM
I want to ask a few questions:

1. How long have you been riding and what is/has been your normal mileage? Has anything changed... more climbing, sprinting, etc?

2. Have someone watch your pedal stroke, are you typically toe-down, or do you drop your heel?
re: As far as mileage goes...JL
Jun 3, 2002 9:04 AM
I'm past 1100 miles for the year so far. I haven't upped it significantly (10-20% per week). I try to get 3-4 midweek (20+ miles or so) rides in and some larger rides 40+ on the weekends. I only changed the shoes. The ride on Saturday was fairly flat, but I usually ride some decent hills for my area (Southeast PA). I did 50 on Memorial Day (more hills) and didn't really feel anything (painwise) at the end.

As far as pedal stroke, I may drop my heel/remain somewhat flat, but I'll have to have someone check

This cured my foot pain.yfoiler
Jun 3, 2002 11:00 AM
I had pain in exactly the same area you describe after switching from Sidi's to Vittoria shoes. I used to get some pain from the Sidi's but only on longer rides (60+) and I attributed it to old age (53) I used to ride toe down and had my cleats somewhat toed in. I moved the cleats 1/4 in back and took out the toe in. Now they are more straight. Amazing, the pain went away! I am also trying to constantly work on "heel down" pedaling. This really improves my speed and for me uses less effort as I come across the top of the stroke. BTW, my pain was exactly as you describe, somewhat tolerable on the bike but when taking the shoes off at home I could hardly walk. So I'd say a "toe in" cleat position is most likely the culprit which was magnified with the slight difference in new shoes.
BTW, when I set up the cleats to straight I was so used to looking at my feet toed in that straight looked toed out!

I hope this helps.

This cured my foot pain.JL
Jun 3, 2002 11:21 AM
Thanks. I'll give that a try too. I think I have them fairly straight now and most/if not all the way back.