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How many of you tend to be introverts?(35 posts)

How many of you tend to be introverts?netso
Jun 3, 2002 5:36 AM
I really have a hard time making friends, tend to be a loner. I want to join in just not very good at it. How many of you are the same way? This is one reason I like group rides!
Be careful of labelsms
Jun 3, 2002 5:51 AM
If like to do group rides, I am not sure that you are a true introvert. Everyone has a different level of comfort interacting with new people. Insofar as making "friends" are concerned, I find that most people do not make or have many true friends -- the people that claim to have lots of friends often are "hail fellow well met' types who mistake acquaintances with friends. The quality of your friends rather than the number is important. If you are happy with you situation, don't worry about it. You may never be an insurance salesman or stock broker, but who cares? That being said, I have met a lot of people on group rides and the course of the ride, your bike ,etc. provide conversation topics that are good ice breakers for conversation.
not really...weiwentg
Jun 3, 2002 6:18 AM
introversion/extraversion is indeed an accurate dimension of personality. and just because you like group rides doesn't mean you're an introvert. introverts simply tend not to make the first move. however, it seems US culture tends to favor extraversion, and introverts can, and often do, learn to behave in an extraverted fashion. I know, because I'm one. and I really like group rides.
re: How many of you tend to be introverts?Scot_Gore
Jun 3, 2002 6:28 AM
By the Myers - Briggs definition, I'm a flaming extrovert, but I most enjoy riding solo. The experts in the field (which I'm not) would probably say that it's my way of excercising my shadow side. I think this is mostly true, I use the saddle time as moments for solidtary contemplation compared to most of my waking hours spent in constant interaction with others.

Re. the Myers - Briggs and cyclists?Iseemo
Jun 3, 2002 6:36 AM
For those who have taken the Myers - Briggs, I'd be curious to know how many cyclists tested out as ESTP or ISTP. What's yours? There definitely must be a certain type of personality that gets involved in cycling (and yet again different for those who are touring vs. racing).
What type of cyclist?Len J
Jun 3, 2002 6:41 AM
I would suspect that there is some correlation between personality type & cyclist type (although the bell curve prbably applies).

Touring Cyclist
Agressive Group Rider

BTW- I'm an extreme ENFP. Distance cyclist.Len J
Jun 3, 2002 7:47 AM
I'm extreme ENFP as well...Scot_Gore
Jun 3, 2002 7:58 AM
My low score in any catagory is typically around 28 or so.

Beginning to look like a little ENFP sub culture on this board. I wonder if the cyclist that also enjoys the back and forth dialogue of this board may skew the bell curve.

My thoughts

I think that the ENFP's are the most likely to comment firstKristin
Jun 3, 2002 9:50 AM
We love personality studies. Its a fun puzzle for our curious little minds. And since we think so out-loudly, we pipe up right away. Just a though. I was/am a memeber of an ENFP message board. Its a funny place. It will be full of chat and activity for weeks, then be completely abandoned for months. Then it will spark back to life again.
Jun 3, 2002 7:07 AM
and an aggressive group rider.
Jun 3, 2002 8:44 AM
I'm an ISTP, with an extreme I and an extreme P (but actually people mistake me for an extrovert when they first meet me - I just don't get my energy from others).
I used to race to excess, but don't any more. But I can hardly tolerate riding too slowly and just touring - it's not in me. I really like group rides, though - but they don't require much interaction - and I'm usually late for them anyway! But I also have no problem riding solo.
I work for an ESTP - he can't get too involved in sports any more - because he does them to extreme excess and becomes way too competitive (so he says).
OK - I'll biteScot_Gore
Jun 3, 2002 7:13 AM
According to my Meyer's Briggs lic. & certified wife it's impolite to ask and offer type in this kind of manner, but---hey she dosn't read this board.

ENFP - Touring Cyclist

Don't tell my wife, OK..... :)

ENFP AlsoKristin
Jun 3, 2002 7:48 AM
And I think that I prefer touring type rides more...I think. Last year I got all caught up in the roadbike idea. With the purchase of the DeBernardi, I abandoned my passion for simply enjoying the day on a bike. Now I'm not riding as much--my passion is getting squashed by my uncomfortable preformance machine. I do want to ride well (and fast); but I think my personality lends me to a more laid back approach. I've even considered trading in the ole' racing frame for something closer to a Trek 520. Dunno yet....
Jun 3, 2002 7:31 AM
Although it is a weak "I".
Most of the discussion focuses on "liking" being around people or not. That is not what the Introvert-Extrovert is about.
It is about how you relate to the world, do you reflect inwards or project outwards? Introverts tend to have less friends because we need to have a deeper understanding of other people to relate to them, as we have to internalize to understand. Extroverts project outward, and tend to bounce off each other.
I personally like groups of people in the 6 or less range. To many more and I just can't track fast enough to enjoy it. I get very worn out. I feel I missed something by not have more than a 10 minute conversation with everyone else.
When riding, I like group rides. But I prefer 2 or 3 well tuned riders much better.

Not liking to be around other people at all is sociopathic, not introverted.
Jun 3, 2002 8:07 AM
I love group rides. the more the merrier as long as no one crashes.
incidentally, I find the Myers-Briggs indicator to be accurate. but I don't think personality psychologists have really considered it - I have a feeling they see it as 'pop' psychology. not that I've taken the class yet.
Jun 3, 2002 8:38 AM
I feel just like you do!
Jun 3, 2002 12:56 PM
So whadda are we going to do tonight, SnowBlind?

Same thing we do every night Netso, try to take over the World!
Strong I, T & J riding dirt, road & CX Nmjrm
Jun 3, 2002 1:51 PM
A very social INTP. . .js5280
Jun 3, 2002 8:04 AM
My understanding is Intro/Extraversion is generally how you initiate the thought process and generate ideas, not necessary your sociability. However an Extravert is bound to be very socialable because they get their energy and ideas from interacting w/ others. They tend to "think out loud" and seek others who do so. Much to us Introverts delight ;-) An introvert tends to internalize the process and ponders an idea before speaking/sharing w/ a group if we share at all. So sometimes we're perceived as shy or less socialable. Personally I know I'm a introvert, but I am very social and enjoy other people's company. People make that remark frequently and it surprises me because I definately have an intraverted thought process. It's possible that maybe on the scale of Intro/Extraversion, I'm around the middle but socializing and thought process seem distinctly different in my mind. A really fun book on the subject is "Type Talk at Work" I picked it up quite some time ago but find myself going back to it to help decipher personal/business relationships.

Triathletes are also known as very independent types. However I think any athlete looking to improve will tend to isolate themselves because they have this drive to improve and it's easier to accomplish by yourself then lining up a training partner or partners. I think a competitive athlete seeks both for the advantages of training and not necessarily their degree of intro/extraversion.
INFJ, but also fairly social...Spinchick
Jun 3, 2002 9:15 AM
As far as the introversion/extroversion goes - it's really a back a forth thing with me. This has more to do with a mild bi-polar disorder, I believe. Manic days = more extroverted = more aggressive, faster riding. Non-manic days = more introverted = long, meandering, solo rides. Another thing: cycling (and other vigorous exercise) keeps me off medication. A regular shot of endorphins goes a long way as a mood stabilizer for me. This is probably true of most folks.
ISTP/INTP here...Slowclimber
Jun 3, 2002 9:00 AM
I have taken the test several times and generally come out as an ISTP, but the numbers for the N and S are split almost 50/50 and it's more of how I'm feeling that day as to which direction it goes.

As far as certian types of personality for cycling it tends not to be true for the most part. I think it's for several reasons. Here is a list of the different personalities that I have seen in cycling, each would rate differently on the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator.

-Some people are in it for the sheer thrill of cycling, going Mach 5 down descents and flying through traffic.

-Some people cycle to meet people, participate in the club aspect and socialize with others.

-Some people are in it for the geek factor. They love the mechanical side of riding and upgrades are a must as is the lightest bike.

-Some people are in it for the solitude and nature aspect of riding. It gets them away from people. I would also term these people as spiritual riders and seek the Zen of cycling.

-Some people simply see it as a way to gain notoriety, money and fame.

Each personality is generally very differnt from the other and leads to multiple personalities all enjoying the same sport.
re: How many of you tend to be introverts?gregario
Jun 3, 2002 7:21 AM
I am a HUGE introvert. I no longer go on group rides after several years of doing it, they make me really uncomfortable. That plus I don't want to be associated with a club that has no regard for traffic laws or getting along with cars, or squirrelly riders I don't know.

I can't believe that you would like to go on group rides if you're an introvert. I would think it would clearly be the opposite.

I believe I am an INTJ.

In fact, I have a theory that many cyclists got into it to escape shitty home life. That's why I went on epic rides when I was 15, to get out of the house.
re: How many of you tend to be introverts?warriorcharge
Jun 3, 2002 7:41 AM
i personally like group rides,i think its more fun and more rewarding riding hard, i think if your in a good group,you ride faster, i dont chat to much on the ride maybe i i was a little fitter i would,but i'd say i find chit chat pretty hard work
Definition of an introvert... (it might not mean what you think)Kristin
Jun 3, 2002 8:27 AM
I've spent the past 3 years investing a good deal of time studying personality. This has largely defined my recent journey of self-discovery. It took me quite a while to fully comprehend what an introvert/extrovert is.

Since we are all introverted/extroverted to different degrees, I like to view this as a continuim:

Extreme Introversion________________________________________Extreme Extroversion

Heres what I understand about it:

There are 2 aspects to introvertism/extrovertism.
1) How you process data
2) How the external world affects your energy

The first aspect deals largely with how you make decisions. Extreme introverts are driven process information, feelings and thoughts internally. They rarely seek council from others, and never without first coming to some conclusions on their own. Very often the introvert will make a decision about something by themselves, and then, once the decision is made, seek council from others for validation. Because of this, sometimes extroverts are viewed as people who don't care about conflict resolution, or communication. This is not necessarily true, they just sort out most things on their own before taking action.

The second aspect has to do with the way the external world affects us. Extreme introverts gain energy (recharge) by being alone or with few people. Extreme extroverts gain energy from others and feel de-energized with too much alone time. Then of course, there are all the flavors in between: Do you like large crowds or small crowds...lots of movement and noise, or depth confersations and debates or simple banter. These are all intograted parts of introverts/extroverts.

I really wish that someone would break these two aspects of defining introvert/extrovertism apart. I believe that they are separte peices of our personalities and can't be integrated into one definition. For instance, I am an extreme external processor. I must interact with people in order to make a decision or figure out a conflict. But when it comes to people, I don't like crowds much. A group of 4 or 5 is considered large to me...and even then I must retreat eventually.

Okay, I just wanted to throw out some thoughts. I'll stop short of writing an entire thesis on the matter.
Definition of an introvert... (it might not mean what you think)gregario
Jun 3, 2002 8:35 AM
Being stranded on a desert island by myself would be my idea of fun.
I'd have to throw in. . .js5280
Jun 3, 2002 9:59 AM
a bike, an attractive woman w/ a healthy sexual appetite, some music, and good wine then I could do the island thing ;-)
You've captured my understanding of E/I very well here (nm)Scot_Gore
Jun 3, 2002 8:38 AM
Human Dynamicsterry b
Jun 3, 2002 9:46 AM
Don't know if you're describing it by having had some experience, but you're doing a good job of tapping into this cult. We use it here at work, primarily to teach people that everyone gets their energy in different ways and that each of us need different things from personal interactions. For example, being Physically Centered implies you gain you strength being alone, spending time analyzing before deciding and communicating in spare terms. Myers-Briggs would call this Introverted. Being Emotionally Centered generally means you gain your energy from others and that you need little time to process data to make decisions. For Emotionally Centered people, the interaction must be rich and everyone must be included. Read Extrovert.
I recommend the book - Human Dynamics by Seagal and Horne. It's really helped me to overcome the professional rap I've had for years about "not listening." Reality is, I want people to come in, give me the information and leave so I can think about it. Hence my 19/20 score on the I/E scale with Myers.
Myers Briggs type?AllisonHayes
Jun 3, 2002 8:52 AM

I usually ride w/one or two other people primarily due to circumstances. However, I enjoy group rides but I haven't done any for a while.

(Lessons learned on group rides:

1. be careful on offering advice. On one ride, this woman said her seat was uncomfortable. I helped her adjust it; afterward a friend said that she complained all the way back that I made the ride worse for her and it was my fault.
2. don't complain and don't ever complain about others.
3. most people are fun and supportive of others but there will always be an outlier in the bunch; ignore their complaints.
4. work out the expectations before starting out. If things go wrong due to mis-communication, things can go south in a hurry.
5. never leave someone stranded--always have a sweeper.)

So, what is an ENTP? Straight from the book:

The ENTP takes his/her energy from the outer world of actions and spoken words. He/she prefers dealing with patterns and possibilities, and making decisions on a logical basis. He/she is adaptable, tending to focus on new ideas and interests as and when they arise, particularly if they involve increasing his/her competence or skill. He/she is an ingenious problem solver, constantly trying new ideas out, and can seem to enjoy a good argument. He/she is interested in instigating change, and operates best in overcoming new difficulties where the solution requires the application of creative effort.
and the negative side...AllisonHayes
Jun 3, 2002 9:26 AM
As stress increases, 'learned behaviour' tends to give way to the natural style, so the ENTP will behave more according to type when under greater stress. For example, in a crisis, the ENTP might:

spend time brainstorming ideas, and debating or critiquing what needs to be done
provide a lot of drive, but try to do too much
draft in people with proven skills to work on the problem
make errors of fact, or ignore routine matters that might nevertheless be essential

Under extreme stress, fatigue or illness, the ENTP's shadow may appear - a negative form of ISFJ. Example characteristics are:

being pedantic about unimportant details
doing things to excess - e.g.: eating, drinking or exercising
expressing emotions in an intensive and uncontrolled way
being very sensitive to criticism

The shadow is part of the unconscious that is often visible to others, onto whom the shadow is projected. The ENTP may therefore readily see these faults in others without recognising it in him/her self.
I'd really like to tell you but I'm too shy... (nm)yfoiler
Jun 3, 2002 9:25 AM
Individualist, eccentric, yes ... introvert? No.Humma Hah
Jun 3, 2002 2:28 PM
I'm a science fiction writer, don't mind getting up in front of a crowd and speaking. I'm hardly an introvert. What I am is an eccentric individualist.

I don't mind being different, and I don't mind working alone. At work I'm a one-man army, doing whatever is needed, and I'm NOT the proverbial team player.

I've always preferred individual sports to team sports. Riding a cruiser, I've gotten used to riding alone. However, I do cherish group rides, do them whenever I can.
Humma Hah, where can I read something you have written? nmAllisonHayes
Jun 3, 2002 5:14 PM
intoverted 100%zooog
Jun 3, 2002 3:28 PM
I am a 100% introvert. In front or with people all day(at work). Other than that i prefer to be by myself and occasionally my dog. Don't enjoy group rides. barely enjoy sitting and chatting with friends. Leave me the hell alone. Also, don't like the phone. Love the feeling of riding alone. Only wish I had more endurance so that i could stay on the bike longer. Introversion is cool at least for me.
re: How many of you tend to be introverts?Carbon fiber fanatik
Jun 3, 2002 5:10 PM
introverted is a generalized and over used label. I could be "labeled" introverted because 90 percent of my riding is alone. Mostly because I live in the boonies and work so far away from my home that meeting up with the local group rides does not occur often enough. I prefer to ride with others but tend to catch a lot of grief because I ride weird bikes and I will not allow anyone to wrench on my "babies". I also love all aspects of cycling, both mountain and road and also am desiging my own racing "bent". Oh yeah, I am obsessed with carbon Eccentric? probably, introverted? retentive? Group hug..! Now let's ride...