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Help me decide!!!(1 post)

Help me decide!!!b_spiwak
Jun 3, 2002 4:51 AM
Hi everyone. Well, summer is finally here, and all I want to do is ride. I'm on a budget of around $1500. I've pretty much narrowed it down to 2 bikes: a Bianchi Alloro or the Douglas Fusion.

The Bianchi has a full Ultegra group and a nice, light Aluminum frame. The one component I'm not too sure about are the wheels: they are proprietary Bianchi wheels (they're called Bianchi Levitation). I assume they are good wheels simply becasue they are featured on Bianchi's most expensive bike, the EV4, but that doesn't mean anything. I can get this bike for $1500 from my LBS, and they would give me good support, etc.

The other bike is the Douglas. It's Colorado Cyclist's brand. The frame is Easton ultralite aluminum with carbon fiber seat and chain stays. It too has a full ultegra group. But what I really like is the wheels: Velomax Circuit Comp.

I know exactly the size I need if I were to get the Douglas. BTW, I'm 6'2", 145 pds, consider myself a spinner, do mostly short to medium rides (usually not over 50 miles). I will be racing the bike, and training on it, so I need a durable, comfortable, do all machine. Thanks for any input!