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Road Rash?(9 posts)

Road Rash?KellyCross
Jun 2, 2002 3:57 PM
What's the best stuff to heal/prevent scaring? Thanks
Circa Care from Smith & Nephew, Vit Cairbrushbikes
Jun 2, 2002 4:50 PM
re: Road Rash?R-I-D-E
Jun 2, 2002 5:25 PM
Hey Kelly Cross. From first hand experience, I can highly recommend Brave Soldier. It is a fantastic product that truly works. Check out their website: it safe to assume that your ride a Kelly Cross bike, or is you name Kelly and you just like to ride cross? I ask because I happen to ride a Kelly Cross bike. Just wondering!

One word...Breakfast
Jun 2, 2002 7:30 PM

Don't let it become a dry scab, keep it moist and covered with a layer of Neosporin. Bandages tend to cause problems with tearing the wound, if you keep it exposed to air yet clean (hydrogen peroxide) it will heal in good time. As it gets close to healing completely vaseline can save the more expensive Neo for the next time you need it.
One word...yeah right
Jun 2, 2002 8:50 PM
agreed, you can spend more, but you'll be hard pressed to do better. Best wishes on healing.
One word...itsme
Jun 3, 2002 2:39 AM
As for the initial first aid, I pack a Brave Soldier Crash Pack. They're overpriced, but the pack does have all of the necessary items in one convenient place so I don't have to think about packing each item individually(and I shouldn't be crashing every day so at $10/pack it's affordable for the few times I will need one):

After you are off the bike for the day and have cleaned the wound thoroughly, Johnson and Johnson makes adhesive pads they call "Advanced Care" that keeps the wound sealed without scabbing over, which also then keeps it from scarring as easily. The bandages are meant to be applied after the wound is completely clean and then left on for multiple days until the wound heals, I can confirm it works as designed. I wasn't too hot for the idea of leaving a bandage in place for multiple days, but it worked so I would use the same brand again. When looking at the back of the bandage you will notice the brand name "Compeed", which is their moisture seal technology that allows the wound to heal properly:

Hope that helps.
re: Road Rash?willem72
Jun 2, 2002 9:40 PM
In Australia, it's called Fixamol (sp?). My brother uses it in intensive care (he's a nurse). I've used it and it's excellent. Removes pain, promotes healing. It's a breathable adhesive gauze - they don't quite know why it works so well because it's not sterile, or water/air-proof etc. When it falls off (after about a week) it takes the scab with it, no fuss.

Of course, best cure is prevention, and I hope you never have to use it.

Vitamin E OilMisJG
Jun 3, 2002 4:55 AM
My wife and I have had great success with Vitamin E Oil for any cuts, scratches, etc. Not expensive, a little goes a long way and it even helps to lighten older scars! We buy it in a small bottle for this type of application, but you can puncture a Vitamin E pill and squeeze out the contents in a pinch.
10-4 on the Ecoonass
Jun 3, 2002 4:03 PM
First apply an antiseptic; then apply a covering of Vit. E from the gel pearls (sterilize a pin first)....I've read that each time you apply E from a bottle, the oxygen contaminates the liquid E.....(makes a little sense to me) I've used E on surgical cuts and abrasions; along with taking Ester-C, Zinc and Selenium and virtually eliminates the scar tissue from being visible..(my Ex-wife was mad because my hernia scar is 99% invisible and her 'bikini scar' could be seen across the room....I applied; she didn't)...this has to be done very soon, not a week from the event and everytime you change dressings....Docs don't believe it until you show them where the scar 'should be'...then, they begin to ask questions...