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Schwinn Fastback review(5 posts)

Schwinn Fastback reviewDWridesGT
Jun 1, 2002 9:19 PM
Does anyone own/ride the Schwinn Fastback Limited? I am considering getting one and ANY info would really help out. I have read some reviews saying it's a great frame, stiff and lightweight (2.5lbs)

This is the same frame that was sold on the $3,700 Schwinn Fastback featured in last years "Bicycling Magazine Buyer's Guide" Any thoughts...... I am not overly worried with the warranty issue with Schwinn, my LBS said Pacific is honoring any claims.
re: Schwinn Fastback reviewyfoiler
Jun 2, 2002 4:59 AM
The name Schwinn to me always meant the bikes I rode as a kid. Then I had the good fortune of being given one to ride and evaluate for a week by Matt Assenmacher at his bike shop in Swartz Creek, MI. (Great shop, great guy BTW plug plug...) I didn't have any preconceptions as to what to expect. What a surprise! The stock bike came with 105, Velomax wheels and I can't remember which brand, but a carbon road fork. The first time up I remember desticntly how light and responsive the bike felt. It was extemely stiff feeling on sprints, and the front geometry was vere quick but not "twitchy" like some of my early criterium bikes. I only had the bike for one week and the longest ride was only a sixty miler but I must admit that when I saw they were dumping the framesets for around $300+ I VERY seriously considered getting one. The only problem is that I don't really need another bike, so I passed. The only thing I would make sure to get is the carbon fork. I think it helps the aluminum smooth out quite a bit. Good luck and I hope someone else can confirm what I've said here, which is basically great bike, incredible price.

re: Schwinn Fastback reviewtad
Jun 3, 2002 7:43 AM
I've ridden one for the past 4 or so months. I bought the frame at a good deal and had it built up with a carbon fork and DuraAce components. It came out light (16.5 lbs.) and rides wonderfully. Go for it!
Mine's greatGator
Jun 3, 2002 10:19 AM
I picked one up from a road racer. Excellent shape, all DuraAce, Cosmic Equipes, Thomson post, pretty decent setup.

Up to this point I've been very pleased with the bike. It's definitely a bike you sit in, not on; the tracking is super stable, very predictible handling. The geometry is fairly quick and it corners fast, but it won't freak you out; I've never found it at all squirrely. The bike is also a tremendous climber; the small, tight rear triangle and light weight will have you sailing up hills.

The ride? Well, make no mistake about it, this bike is as stiff as a frozen 2x4; you'll KNOW it's aluminum. That said, the ride is surprisingly comfortable. This is the first bike I've ridden with a carbon fork, and the Time fork on this bike does a stellar job of soaking up road chatter. Since you've got tons of seatpost out, it helps to absorb shock as well, although not nearly as well as the fork. Maybe not your first choice for a century, but more than comfortable enough enough for most rides, and perfect for racing.

The only negative is minor: the seat. Your bike will likely come with a San Marco Era, which I've found to be VERY mediocre, though bearable if moved forward and tilted a bit down. Still, that's pretty subjective -- you may love it.

So I'd certainly recommend it. It's very well built, it performs very well, it's a great value and it really is a great-looking bike; it's almost worth owning for the "En'lighted" frame badge alone. Go for it.
Love mine too...Wannabe
Jun 3, 2002 1:18 PM
I wanted to buy another of those frames when they started clearing 'em out. wife put the kabosh on that though. :( I'm not nearly so experienced about bikes as everyone else here but I love mine. The bike is quite comfortable to me compared to my old ride (older steel bianchi with steel fork) and I'm ~140lbs.