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Question about Michelin Axial Pros(4 posts)

Question about Michelin Axial Proselviento
May 31, 2002 7:10 PM
The rear tire had two flats in a week. I looked closely and found maybe 20 cuts and got rid of about 15 little rocks or pieces of glass. The tires have 1500 miles. Still plenty of rubber, but the cuts seem a bit excessive.

So should I toss them or keep using them? Interestingly, my Michelin Axial Performances are much less prone to cuts and seem to have harder rubber. Thanks for any input!
re: Question about Michelin Axial Prosamflyer
May 31, 2002 8:00 PM
Yeah, they cut pretty easily don't they? If they aren't cut into the threads too much, I've heard of people patching with super glue. I've got one sitting next to me now like that, but it hasn't seen any pavement yet. Do a search on the archive and you will pull up a lot on this subject. I think someone used shoe goop or something too. In any event, rubber cement doesn't stick at all, as in patch kit stuff.

re: Question about Michelin Axial ProsR-I-D-E
May 31, 2002 9:56 PM
Oh yes, those Axial Pros cut like crazy! I have used the super glue trick and it does seal up the cuts pretty well, but more cuts just appear elsewhere. Flats were becoming a real pain.

I have now switched over to the new Michelin Pro Race tire. I was reluctant at first, but the guys at the shop said that they were supposed to be the "latest and greatest". Well, let me tell you, they were right. These tires have yet to cut in the almost 6 weeks that I have been riding them and I have not had one flat. They performance charcteristics are also a cut above the Axials in my opinion. They ride nicer, handle as well, and obviously, last longer.

I know that Axial Pros can be had for a great price, but I say pony up the cash and get the Pro Races.

Toss 'empmf1
Jun 1, 2002 7:40 PM
In my experiences, many of the higher end tires (esp Michelin and Conti) have a bit softer rubber. AP are great tires and ride really nice. I get more miles out of the cheaper Michelin tires that Performance constantly seems to be closing out.

Harder rubber wears better, but doesn't corner as well.

At any rate, the hassle of flats and replacing tubes (they aren't cheap either) makes me lean toward tossing a tire once it gets iffy. Nothing worse than being late for work and getting a friggin flat (except maybe a broken chain).

Hey 1500 miles isn't bad. I'm happy to get that. Christ, nothing worse than putting one on and slicing it on a piece of glass the next day. I recall buying 6 Vittoria Open Mario Pros from Colorado Cyclist for $22/tire. They went 750 miles at best. Great riding tires while they lasted though.